IGN: DC Universe Online Hands-on

For DC fanboys, it seems like forever ago that prolific comic book artist Jim Lee announced that he'd be stepping in to help guide a Sony Online Entertainment MMO based on the DC Universe. In the two and a half years since the announcement, Jason Todd returned from the dead, Marvel announced a similar MMO project, Batman discovered he had a son, Marvel cancelled its MMO project, and The Dark Knight made a batmobile-load of cash -- but no one ever played DC Universe Online

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LiquifiedArt3739d ago

This acutally looks interesting. It could be alot of fun, as long as its very pick up and play, as well as rewarding to veterans.

peedie163739d ago

yeah if done right this game could really be a hit for the PS3

KillahCam3739d ago

I can't wait for this game can you imagine implementing this with Home, A league of Justice room where you and friends can jump into the DC world as Noob superheroes/Super Villains fighting along side each other.

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