Xbox Live Deals With Gold – June 23rd – June 29th

The new Deals With Gold are up on Xbox Live, bringing us the chance to grab some big titles at bargain prices. For Xbox One, The Evil Within, Evolve and The Crew can be bought at half of their usual prices.

On Xbox 360 you can purchase Grand Theft Auto IV or San Andreas for $4 or you can you can go straight to the Bethesda Sale, where you can buy The Evil Within, Dishonored and Evolve with a 67% discount. Or you can choose to (re)play Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, in order to prepare for the launch of Fallout 4 this fall on Xbox One.

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jackanderson19851216d ago

does evolve still have a community going on the X1?

RaTaTaT1216d ago

I want to pick up some of the Xbox 360 games for when BC drops but I'm worried that they won't be on the list. Dilemma

jackanderson19851216d ago

i'd say the fallout games are a dead cert (3 is anyway), but if you're getting 4 on the X1, you get 3 for free so it'd be a waste of money to get it now

Evil Within and Dishonored won't be BC, and skyrim you'll probably be able to get for cheaper out of a bargain bucket

the rest, you never know probably will go BC if there's enough desire for it... can't see ubi giving a toss over 9 and 3 year old games but then again you never know

Kavorklestein1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Keep in mind some of these 360 deals in the next few months may be to prepare for games that may be coming soon to the backward compatibility list.
Even if not, just knowing that more games will get a longer life on the XB1 is comforting.
Good time to be an Xbox gamer.
Or a gamer in general.
E3 was awesome excluding Nintendo lol

Software_Lover1216d ago

I bought forza 5 last week for $23 and I finally bought destiny. I paid more than I wanted to for destiny but I've been having a good time.