Here's Your First Look at Project Cars 2 in Action

The first gameplay footage of Project Cars 2.


Video is private... but there's another one inside.

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masterfox1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

their new goal should be to surpass Driveclub visuals, this video the car still looks like a plastic toy, devs need to aim for realism now, I mean a 400 bucks console can do it easely, why not an overexpensive gaming PC can do it easely too?, like it or not Driveclub is the King of racing among all platforms yes that include a ridiculous pricey 5/4 GPU whatever card PC configuration.

chrish19901267d ago

This is very early footage, I don't think it's fair to judge the visuals just yet as it's still waaaaay off from coming out. Plenty of time to update it.

bouzebbal1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

at the same time what's the point of showing eaaaaaarly visuals already? It's the only thing you can see in the video and he's right it it feels like Project Toys so far

SonyWarrior1266d ago

ill never buy project cars 2. Project cars 1 was just ok i mean single player campaign is just useless since you don't unlock any thing so why play with dumb bot drivers when theres online. And the online is bare bones... I might as well sell it now since I will not buy DLC now since they are trying a cash grab scam like this.

dumahim1266d ago


They aren't just showing the early build. People who help fund the game get access to daily builds of the game while in progress. Someone who has build 0000 uploaded video of it.

crazychris41241267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Its build 0000, what are you expecting? Photorealism? There are probably going to be hundreds of builds before the final release which wont arrive for several years. Early development focus on physics, mechanics, gameplay. Then once you have that you focus on cars, tracks, and polish come later.

MattE1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Amazing how little these sony bods know about sim racing..

Let's say this slowly - Driveclub is an arcade racer.. no real physics to calculate, no damage, basic calculations for braking/cornering etc, 30fps, invisible walls, very small amount of cars..

You can bounce around driveclub tracks like a kart racer and wait for the rubber banding to kick in and still win the race.. it's for kids basically who are lead by graphics

Khajiit861266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

We have been playing Sim racers since 90's buddy. Hes talking bout visuals not everything else you mentioned.

And Driveclub is the King in visuals for a racer, Forza isnt even the best sim, now repeat that as slow as you want until you realize its the truth.

Driveclub looks twice as good as Forza, but Forza is a better game imo, but if you are talkiing sim racers Forza is the best on X1, Assetto Corsa is much better.

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ATi_Elite1266d ago

Project Cars mechanics game play and physics are more realistic than Driveclub.

Project Cars = simulation
Drive club = arcade

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2pacalypsenow1266d ago

Didn't project cars come out less than a month ago? They already want people to pay to make a new one ? Why don't they just use the money they made to make it?

endi1231266d ago

You are right, it's like will take your money for development then will take your money for the game, it's not like they doing this from scratch, I assume they got plenty resources from PC1 sales

ATi_Elite1266d ago

Remember no one is paying them. Yes the money from sales of pc1 goes into their pockets but now they need to pay for Dev time of another game.

They are not starting from scratch so the amount needed may not be as much but bills need to be paid as far as the company and personnel.

Also I'm sure they will use more money for a marketing team this time around instead of just kickstarter small print and word of mouth.

But you are correct to state they should have left over funds to invest themselves for pc2.

PlatinumGX1266d ago

Am I supposed to pledge after watching this?

Eyesoftheraven1266d ago

I call fake. This is very unusual.

Eyesoftheraven1266d ago

Looks like it's legit. This is weird.

fei-hung1266d ago

This was announced yesterday and people got pissed off. As shit as it sounds, it is real. SMS have now graduated to MSS (Mega Stupid Studio). Whatever reputation they got will be destroyed over the next few days unless the media get behind them. However seeing how some of the media is ripping into the Shenmue 3 KS, I don't see MSS getting let off easy.

cookiamos1266d ago

Project cars 2 already? They just released the first a few month ago...Unless they start from scratch its useless

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