Batman: Arkham Knight Superman Easter Egg and More; Video and Images Inside

Batman: Arkham Knight is finally upon us and, naturally, the players have been using their bat-vision to spot some of Rocksteady's fan-service within the game by way of easter eggs.

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crazychris41241265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Metropolis was mentioned in Arkham City too. Im playing through it now and Batman says thats where he met Talia. Wouldnt be surprised if we got a huge open world game from them. If they do make it lets hope it separates itself from the Arkham series, I dont want a Arkham series Superman reskin.

camel_toad1265d ago

I have a feeling theyll want to do something else entirely different from anything comic book related after doing nothing but batman for 3 games and several years. They definitely deserve a break from it if they want one.

joab7771265d ago

Maybe Rocksteady is going to be the official Justice League dev. Maybe the next game has all the superheroes. Imagine that!

Kalebninja1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

I was shocked when I was able to bash the prisoners head, I didn't think I could actually do it. I got the idea after I, once again, got shocked that I could smash the evidence room glass to get bats weapon.

gantarat1265d ago

Batman: Assault on Arkham proof Other DC heroes exist in the Arkham-verse.

Killer Frost - Firestorm Enemies
Captain Boomerang - Flash Enemies
King Shark - Aquaman Enemies

animegamingnerd1265d ago

both Metropolis (home to Superman obivously) and Keystone City (home to Jay Garrick who is Earth 2's Flash and Wally West who is the second Flash of the pre-new 52 main DC Universe) were mentioned by Scarecrow. So its obvious at this point the Arkham universe is a lot bigger then what we have already seen so hope we can one day stop calling the Arkham universe but instead the DC Game Universe.