Original Xbox backward compatibility very possible on Xbox One

Eggplante breaks down how original Xbox games could in fact run on the Xbox One with the newly announced backwards compatibility. Microsoft commented, saying it is technically feasible, but has no plans to go forward with it at this time.

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Zero1091265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Not only are 360 game BC on x1 but it's possible for xbox games as well (though it probably won't happen)! I really tip my hat off to MS.

It was revealed earlier that the emulator is running on W10.
So it could possible on PCs in the future (for both xbox and 360 games). MS really have outdone themselves.

I can't imagine what might have happened had the x1 been revealed with everything it has now (or the promise of these features) Everything would have played out differently from that gawd awful 2013 reveal and DRM bs.

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3-4-51265d ago

* Crimson Skies
* Blood Wake
* Deathrow

Three of the best multiplayer games ever created, and LITERALLY almost nobody went back and even copies these formulas.

* Crimson Skies = All different planes, most fun online multiplayer I've ever played.

* Blood Wake - Similar to Crimson, but with boats. Each boat was different with different stats, abilities, and guns, local multiplayer was awesome.

* Deathrow - Sports/ RPG hybrid,. Teams of 4v4 try to throw a disc into the goal of other team.

* The catch ? - There is melee combat and you beat the crap out of the other team to get the disc from them, and there are various strategies.

- Also, each team starts with 4 different characters, and you unlock 8 more as you go, per team.

- All characters had different stats, look & ablities so you they all felt different.

* Each team had it's own 10-12 characters, & their own homer stadium.

3 amazing multiplayer games, that I would buy day 1 if we got them on XB1.

MohammadAdam1265d ago


If BC was cut from PS3 because not many people used it, why have sony created PSNow? Why spend $Millions on something that not many people want to use?

Xman2K1265d ago

Yeah BC was cut out for future plans of selling games through PSN and PSNow

JasonKCK1265d ago

If the rumors are true about 360 emulation on Win 10, I'm sure the PC community could help with that. Problem is the original Xbox used Nvidia and there are some bugs running it on AMD. They did do it on 360, but it had bugs.

rainslacker1264d ago

I doubt MS could do it officially. It would probably cut into Steam sales for the publishers.

I wouldn't doubt the emulation community tears apart the X1 emulation to make one for the PC though.

FlexLuger1265d ago

Probably even easier than X360 BC. The original Xbox was an X86 platform, much like X1. Should be REALLY easy.

Th3o1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

It's not quite that simple, the architecture is still different, and they still need to emulate the environment well otherwise you will have frame problems or artifacts.

I mean our PCs are X64 (backwards compatible with X86), yet Xbox emulation is still extremely buggy.

When ever your dealing with hardware that isn't 100% exactly the same as the original you will always have to emulate/Virtual Machine the other software.

FlexLuger1265d ago

Still, they seem to have done a great job of it.

hkgamer1265d ago

its not so simple, but ms has the documents and everything they need to know to make emulation that much easier. they could also hire those guys dedicated to emulation to make it happen. could also make it xompatible with windows 10 since they seem to be dedicated to gaming and can help with an xbox store on windows 10

lelo2play1265d ago

Shenmue 2 Xbox BC with X1 :o

Septic1265d ago

Now wouldn't that be interesting :P

I also imagine quite a few copies of Shenmue 2 being sought after if it happened.

Th3o1265d ago

This is what I'm waiting for lol.

If they do original Xbox I'll grab this system in a heart beat.

Shenmue 2
Simpsons Hit and run
Many more

so many classics!

tgunzz1265d ago

Hell, I still have Hulks ultimate destruction that I would love to play on my xb1!!!!!

Shineon1264d ago

I would probally buy an X1 if they add OG Xbox BC so I can't play ultimate D.O.A 2,Brute Force,and NFL 2K5

WhyHate1265d ago

Whoa you beat me to it... That really would be cool..

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