Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 4 Changes We Want to See

If Final Fantasy 7 Remake is to make changes to the classic RPG, here are a few areas that Square Enix could improve the experience without upsetting fans.

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kalkano1211d ago

"Now we’re not looking for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to change things too much, but something as simple as timing-based attacks or deeper options for those individual attacks would help keep things from feeling so automatic. Limit Breaks and Summons could also use some sprucing up, both in terms of the flashiness of their animations and the engagement of the player."

Now there's an example of how to change the gameplay in a reasonable manner. Most people just want the CORE of the ATB system to remain.

DarkBlood1211d ago

timing based attacks, i wonder if they mean something like pressing x at exactly the right position in legend of dragoon?

CaspuR1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Why the hell are you so afraid to MOVE while your fighting??? My God, Let the remake be advent children the game PLEASE. If you noticed crys for a remake happened after Advent children came out for a REASON. F the turn based bull crap I wanna dodge attacks not have some magical equation dictate what misses me and what doesn't. I want to explore the world and have battles happen naturally, Not get telerported to a designated battle area vaguely mimicking the surroundings I was previously in. I want to actually run away from monsters not run in place till I disappear. The more i think about it the more I want that system eradicated. How cool would it be if your havning a fight with the turks and you see people in midgar naturally reacting to you?

Eiyuuou1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

And let me ask you: why the hell is it so weird to you that he just wants the type of combat which was one of the things that made the original so amazing?
He is just someone who prefers Turn based combat systems and the like. Don't act like that is a sin. Turn based gameplay is equally fun to action gameplay.
IMO the original was ATB style, so so should this one be. If you want an action combat system, go play FFXV.

And before you, or anyone for that matter, start spouting nonsense like "OMG turn based is dead, its so boring, you need to move on": keep in mind that I'm someone who is very interested in FFXV. I love ARPGs and I love turn based.

Don't like it? Sue me.

Now ladies and gentlemen, let's get those disagrees rolling!

DaddyPoppa1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


Im just fustrated with kalkano as a person. If you noticed my Profile pic is of Persona so obivously I have some sort of affection towards Turn based games, I just really just dislike the fact how he and alot of other people on the internet are ready to dub the remake as bad or the end of square if they go action. Granted he may not sound like one of those individuals in this particular post but He is as conservative and unbending as it gets.

Edit: I disagreed with your comment not because you said something wrong just because you said "let get those disagrees rolling" you you obivously stated something that was agree bait its just weak thing to do. Its easy to play both sides of the fence. Say you like both styles (which most Japanese rpg gamers do) but at the end of the day my point is I want the Future of final fantasy rpgs to go the route of ARPG its not as simple as go play XV and leave the ATB combat to FF7. Square needs to make a firm stand with there next games to show us once and for all the direction there taking this franchise...

Btw Im CaspuR

starrman19851211d ago

@ CaspuR You've just brilliant summed up exactly what we don't want the FF7 remake to be!

I trust they'll do a brilliant job and for me I am less concerned about what changes they need to make, rather what things mustn't change.

The story, by all means invest more time into the back stories(Zack in particular would be great) but don't change it.

The materia system, it just worked perfectly! I guess this includes weapon and bracelet sockets too, they were crucial to the whole system.

The world map, please don't remove the option to free roam.

Cloud in drag, can't wait to see that...

That's it for me, I'm sure there are other things but changing these would really mess the game up for me!

MyDietEqualsGames1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Cries for a REmake came after the PS3 tech demo. plsssss.

They need to nerf the materia system and deepen it a bit more and buff up enemies. FFVII is much too easy to break. They need to make sure it can't be exploited as bad as the original, then focus on flashiness.

ScorpianusNoir1211d ago

I will try to explain this without being nasty or mean.
In most of today's game you are playing as one person. You press a button and that player attacks. If you get low on health, you move away from your opponent and heal, then back to the attack. You only worry about your character.

In FF7's turn based fighting, you are fighting as all of the characters at once. You have to watch all of their health, which means that you have to watch how much damage each of them are taking. You have to decide when to have them evade or have them protected, which means a different character takes the damage for them. You have to decide when to heal them or have them attack, in hopes of finishing the opponent or you may lose that character and spend a round reviving them instead of attacking and that may cost you someone else. There is a lot to be aware of, you really don't have a lot of time to stand around waiting, you should be deciding on your next move with your next fighter.

FF7 is not a quick twitch game, nor should it be. You should have to think about how strong your opponent is, what they are weak against, should I have a healer in the party or all, strong fighters, Who should be in the front, should I use protect or reflect. There are many, many options to choose and that is part of what makes this game so special. If it is remade into an action adventure for those who have no patience or will to use strategy, then they still have not made a real Final Fantasy 7 remake and they will lose all of those fans forever. Some things just can't be unbroken and making the FF7 game wrongly will be one of those things.

DaddyPoppa1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


I truly believe this war about the gameplay mechanics are really about the Fans of FF7 under the age 25 wanted an more action RPG or the Fans over the age 25 than want to stick with tried and true mechanics. Trust me the younger generation will ALWAYS win when it comes to decisions like that so im almost 100% sure this is going to be like advent children and what i described.


Dont make FF7 combat sound deeper than it is, 95% of FF7 battle can be beat by spamming your strongest attack at an enemy, healing when your hps low and using limit break when you get it......DEEP gameplay right there. Training you dont even have to look at the screen, you spin your directional pad around in a circle waiting for a battle to randomly pop up and then you spam circle till the enemies die. Trust me I know, as we speak, Im literally playing FF7 on the vita and typing this to you 100% real, im not even looking at the screen im in tall bushes right now grinding for exp.... All you need In FF7 are audio cues to train...In all honestly you think gameplay like that regardless if they "Spice" it up will really fly by today? Of course you do thats why all you final fantasy fans have been SOO supportive of the recent FF games, and didn't stop playing the series after 10...../s. You guys voiced you disapproval to Final fantasy 13, Final fantasy 15 is getting overwhelming a company why wouldn't I go that route? even if its not core FF fans support 15, 15 has the most people talking about it and guess what? that's all that matters!

kalkano1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Grow up. Different people like different games. I don't even have anything against action games. I just STRONGLY prefer turn-based, and Final Fantasy 7 is a TURN-BASED RPG! Stop being a CHILD!

Edit: "Final fantasy 15 is getting overwhelming support"

No, it's not. The few new fans that they've pulled in aren't even thrilled with it. The few old fans who remained on-board aren't even thrilled with it. There are very few who actually think it's looking good. Most people think it either looks bad, or "meh".

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Tapewurm1211d ago

Maybe I am just too old school...I think they should just leave the core gameplay mechanics alone... just make the graphics and animations look amazing for summons, backgrounds, characters, and basically every action.... there is a reason this game is beloved by true FF fans..... hope they don't change it up too much 8)

DaddyPoppa1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


No need for the name calling once you start doing that you start losing peoples respect for you and your argument.

Final fantasy 15 is getting alot support everywhere i seen from youtube 2 random forums noone is calling it meh. MAYBE in your circle its getting that kind of reactions but in the grand scheme of things people have be looking forward to XV since it was called verus XIII and love what they have seen so far. Only complaint i really here about XV is that they look like a japanese boy band and if thats the only real complaint there doing something right.

Edit: also that you can only use one character, thats another valid complaint,all of that can be rectified if it turns out to be a good game.

3-4-51211d ago

* I only ever played FF7 until a bit based Midgar.

You go to a town and then to one more real quick and then your supposed to journey a bit to this other town.

The problem is that huge one hit kill monster that for some reason I could not escape.....even whilst riding a chocobo.

After like 8 straight deaths and trying different routes I just quit and never went back.

* I did enjoy the characters,story, & music though so I'm hoping they tweak that part of the game with the giant one hit kill monster, but I can't wait to play the FF7-remake, as most of the game will still be new to me.

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ScorpianusNoir1211d ago

Why would you want to skip the cut scenes, when they are part of the story? Isn't that one of the best parts of an RPG, the story, or are you in it for the fighting only?

NukaCola1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

No. I mean like tapewurm. said. Just hate having to watch long Cutscenes if you die and reload. I love FF Cutscenes. Don't get me wrong.

Tapewurm1211d ago

Should only be able to skip cut-scenes after initial play-through.... so you can appreciate the story and the hard work put in to make the experience. I have a friend that will start a game for the first time and (if allowed to) will skip through all cut-scenes.... never understood this 8) ....that and when Call of Duty folks get the game and go straight to multiplayer and never play the campaign.... just don't get it! Guess I like the story elements in games....whether it be a confusing Final Fantasy JRPG type story or a 4 hour so-so written Call of Duty military cliché story. Not saying that you do either of these NukaCola.... just paraphrasing Peter Griffin on "what grinds my gears!" 8)

TwilightSparkle1211d ago

Advent children :D ty in! Free style hack n slash. Open world. Okay okay I know this is wishful thinking. What do you guys think?

CaspuR1211d ago

its not wishful thinking thats probably what we are going to get. And im 100% ready for it.

iliimaster1211d ago

thats what crisis core was wasn't it? i mean people wanted this game for Years and years but not a different game with the same name ... just updated graphics

CaspuR1211d ago

Thats not what crisis core was at all......FF15 is def the closest thing we got to advent children so far and The director of advent children is also directing the remake..I personally wanted this remake to happen after i seen clouds new design also the only thing i cared for in final fantasy 7 was the characters...The characters and the story are whats iconic about FF7 not the battle system. Everyone knows who cloud is and what FF7 means to gaming , Never has it ever been about the atb combat. Maybe thats part of what made it good in 1997, but thats not what made ff7 live on through all these years

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