Gamers In Beta Podcast: The Witcher 3 Spoilercast (Pre-Skellige)

Since MAINEac17, Khell18, and myself (CapnMikeM) have been enjoying The Witcher 3 so much we wanted to record a Spoiler Cast episode where we can talk freely about the game and some of the choices we’ve made. Think of the episode as us comparing notes about the game. Separating it as a standalone episode allows the listener the opportunity as to whether they want a particular plot line spoiled for them or not.

Other members of the spoiler cast are Sean Evans (Xiantayne) from The OMG Hour, Bluemanrule (Lasberry) from Prove Your Point/Open Forum Radio, and Jeremy Lyons (Ruiner2) from Dads Getting Grounded.

Before we recorded, we all agreed to be at least level 20 in the game and finish the Find Ciri missions. Some completed them and others came close. Therefore, you will not hear much beyond us reaching Skellige. We hope you enjoy the show and we look forward to recording a part two down the road.

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