Drifting Away From Halo: The Removal of Couch Co-Op in Halo 5

Video games have always been a social medium, and over the years, the Halo franchise has cemented itself as one of the best couch co-op multiplayer experiences around. With Halo 5, it's being removed. One must wonder what strange turns the industry is taking when side-by-side gaming is slowly fading away.

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nicksetzer11212d ago

Very stupid move on 343i's behalf. Lan parties are what rose halo to greatness, why remove one of the key things about halo?

Sure the game will still be great, but still really sad to see.

tuglu_pati1212d ago

Console cant handle it, those 60FPS comes with a prize.

Nirvana315911212d ago

This is the first halo I won't be buying

4Sh0w1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I loved couch co-op back in the day myself, but if I had to choose I'd go with 60fps for better gameplay experience, especially for an fps shooter. I'll just hop online and enjoy the online co-op campaign missions with some friends, after I've beaten myself of course.

nicksetzer11212d ago

Forza 6 is 1080p 60fps, looks beautiful and has split screen. In fact, I don't think any major title thus far has been 60fps and split-screen capable on any console. I may be wrong though.

They should have just made it possible for framerate, res, etc to be lowered to achieve split-screen like games have done since the begining of time.

Genova841211d ago

Then they should release it on pc, where it'd be possible!

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-Foxtrot1212d ago

I think it's pretty "funny" that they drop couch co-op yet they build the game up story wise with each main character being surrounded by a squad

So there's no way to turn the squads off so you can play by yourself BUT the only way to play with others is online.

Why do big changes like this all of a sudden.

Some people like playing couch co-op with Halo

Some people like myself like to play the games solo with the man vs the world vibe. Now we're going to be forced with back up which we don't want.

Agent_00_Revan1212d ago

I played Halo 1 campaign split screen co-op with my best friend, more than once. I played Halo 3 split screen co-op with my cousin. Split screen in Halo is part of what made it great originally. Removing it is a bad idea. Especially if their excuse is so they can maintain 60fps.

ConkersBFD1212d ago

60fps has become the new pissing contest. It's great--and IMO, required--for pvp style multiplayer, but if I'm just shooting at AI aliens...I don't see the harm in dropping to 30 fps. I did plenty of World of Warcraft raids at sub 30 fps just fine. I think I'll be alright with a console shooter that has loads of aim assist built into it.

tuglu_pati1212d ago

I prefer 60FPS, but that's just my opinion.

andibandit1211d ago

A bit sad, I remember when I was young playing 1 & 2 in split screen, back when not everyone in my friend circle could afford a console.

otherZinc1211d ago

I must say I'm very disappointed! Still buying Halo 5, yet extremely disappointed!

I feel for the families that won't experience this great game together the way my kids & I did since 2001.

Lower everything in Campaign Couch Co-op, the way you did with the others!

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crazychris41241212d ago

Just drop the fps to 30 fps for split screen or lower the graphics quality to achieve 60 fps. It's so simple.

ConkersBFD1212d ago

343 have said their engine cannot go below 60 fps with the way everything has been designed. I've asked my brother about this, who is a programmer, and he said something akin to, "It's possible to do that, but really stupid."

So who knows. I hope it's a valid option sometime down the road.

phoenixwake1211d ago

Or lower the geometry/texture quality greatly while in split screen. You get a little gain from the fact that you're rendering half the pixels for each screen, but there's always a way to get it to perform better without killing framerate. Borderlands for the current gen console performs with 1080p/60 4 player splitscreen. It's not the best looking game ever but it's not awful.

From what I've seen Halo 5 isn't a gigantic leap from Halo 4 so why isn't this possible with a bit of clever engineering?

TheKingslayer1212d ago

With all the updates, and attention Microsoft has been giving the Xbox One. Hopefully they have some form of patch to fix a feature that is unnecessary to remove from Halo.

N0TaB0T1212d ago

I have a feeling it'll be added later. Missing features in the MCC were added (to the chagrin of many) five months later...

ConkersBFD1212d ago

If there's one thing I've learned about gamer temper tantrums, it's that they can get results. Certainly if Mass Effect's ending can be changed, split-screen coop can be added back. I'm pretty sure it still exists for the actual multiplayer, just not the single player.

Here's hoping.

N0TaB0T1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Why am I getting disagrees? I think some of us forgotten that this is a collection of games 1-4 featuring the Master Chief and didn't think Non-117 Canon titles were being included.

We now have ODST, and I will admit despite the truly disappointing lack of Fire Fight, 343i didn't let their team go off so easy in porting it over. No hangs, sound cancellations, or frame rate stutters to encounter.

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