E3 2015: The Technomancer Preview - AAA Bang from a Small Studio with Huge Ambition | COG

COG writes - We met with the team from Spiders at E3 this year to take a look at their upcoming game The Technomancer. While these are early impressions it would appear that if they continue on the path they're on this could be the game that catapults the small studio into the big leagues.

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generalwinter1304d ago

Always good to see the small studios bring new ideas to gaming.

MzDino1304d ago

The smaller studios are definitely grabbing most of my attention this year, and i'm not complaining!

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1304d ago

I always wonder what a small team like this could do with a BIG budget.

MRBIGCAT1304d ago

No doubt, I'd love to see what they could do with a staff of 200 and a hundred million dollar cod-like budget.

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