Phil Spencer Should Be Applauded For The Changes At Xbox

Richard Drummond of gaming Tech United writes:

"Cleaning up after someone else’s mess is never a fun, or good thing. That’s exactly what happened when Phil Spencer took over for Don Mattrick as the Head of Xbox. Microsoft’s console had a lot of fixing to do in terms of public opinion and Spencer and the team there showed this E3 that they’ve finally done it. Which brings me to my point; Phil Spencer should be applauded for the changes at Xbox."

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Maltaze1241d ago

I agree completely. Taking a shitstorm and making it a viable platform isnt a day's work to be honest.

annoyedgamer1241d ago

I agree, he completely turned the brand around. All I need to see investment in a diverse lineup of games and all is golden.

Also please give us backwards compatible multiplayer on dedicated servers. MW2 on dedicated servers would be absolutely amazing.

NinjaRichParty1241d ago

To be honest, I don't even own an Xbox One. I own a PS4 and the work that I've seen Phil do is just awesome. I love the guy. He and the team there understands their consumer and they're doing their best to provide them with something they can enjoy.

Pogmathoin1241d ago

Rdr, if you have a 360, you get trade in deals.... Good time to jump in.

JJShredder1241d ago

Letting go of Black Ops 3 timed DLC was great and the fact they didn't rely on timed exclusive content like someone else to pad their show was re-assuring to anyone who owns an Xbox One. (And yes, I am well aware of Tomb sucks that Sony fans cannot play it)

The only question is can they keep it up? Microsoft always has been a little spastic with decision-making....

In the end, Sony needs the competition otherwise they will repeat the same mistakes that themselves and MS have had following success.

And yes, Spencer really should be applauded as it's quite possible Xbox could of been gone by now under Mattrick.

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The story is too old to be commented.