Why Has Project CARS 2 Been Announced so Quickly?

Dan takes a look at why Slightly Mad Studios has announced Project CARS 2, so soon after the original.

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Smootherkuzz1211d ago

I love my racing games but Project Cars is let down for me. After all hype the game is not what I expected. The game is seems rushed. Loading times is crazy long. Menus are time consuming. You need to take car settings courses to understand all the settings just to compete with the AI. Adjusting visuals can also be a nightmare to get the way you want. Cars get stuck on road rails, some roads are like obstacle courses with all the road side stuff to make the road smaller. They need a game 2 because 1 seems like a baby taking its first steps and falls down. Only this time I would like to try before I buy. For now I' ll keep playing Forza and my other racing games. Good luck on PC2.