Revisiting the tombs of Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Official Xbox Magazine writes:
With some trepidation, I approach Anniversary the second time around. There’s a double dose of nostalgia lying in wait here, first for the console-defining original Tomb Raider and second for Crystal Dynamics’ outstanding remake, which, through my rose-tinted bifocals (available at selected opticians), is the series’ finest hour. Not to mention Rise of the Tomb Raidercoming on the horizon.

In the intervening years, Lara has changed – some argue for the better; I argue for the worse, but then I’m an old fart who holds no truck with all this newfangled ‘exploring her vulnerability’ characterisation and combat-focused claptrap of the latest Raider. That said, gaming has shunted on apace since Anniversary’s 2007 release, so can I expect to be disappointed on a second playthrough? Thankfully not.

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