Gotcha Racing Preview – Micro Racers - The Koalition

Natsume Games and Arc System Works are bringing bite-sized racing to your Nintendo 3DS. Check out the full hands-on E3 2015 preview of Gotcha Racing.

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jaggernaut251217d ago

How is this a game made in 2015? Looks like a mobile game I'd play on my Nokia back in the day.

Venomousfatman1217d ago

Playing the game was fun enough that the visuals did not bother me too much. But I wish there was more done for the multiplayer and StreetPass features.

MoreGravyPleez1217d ago

Kind of reminds me of original Spy Hunter, but that's over 30 years old now. Don't know how I feel about pure top down racers today when you can have something like Mario Kart on the same system.

Venomousfatman1216d ago

If the gameplay is fun and handled with care, then it can definitely work today. The racing in this game from what I played was pretty good. I also love the capsule parts for the cars you can use, adds a lot of incentive to collect them all and make a beast race car.

rbailey1216d ago

This game definitely looks like it exists in the wrong time period lol still may be worth checking out for some though

Venomousfatman1216d ago

I think it is, just needs some more things to really become a great experience. I wish there was online/local mutiplayer, and some more StreetPass features. Then it would be VERY good.