Xbox 360 Jump In Ad Wins ADDY Best of Show Award

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) announced the coveted ADDY(R) Awards Best of Show winner, along with the Gold and Silver ADDY honorees. The awards were announced at the ADDY Awards Gala in San Francisco, Calif. at the AAF National Conference 2006.

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THELANDSOFSAND5478d ago (Edited 5478d ago )

I really think Microsoft need new, more powerful adverts, showing what the 360 can actually DO- its features, LIVE!, video downloads, HD DVD add-ons, webcam add-ons, wireless headset and gamepads, more of the XBLA titles, the prices- these adverts have no damn content and too few people know what the 360 is actually like as a games console. People need to be blown away by 360 adverts, not confused.
I hope things pick up with the Gears of war promotions, though the GRAW and Oblivion adverts have been quite effective in showing off the systems graphics.

PS360PCROCKS5478d ago

hell yeah they have but once they start showing gears of war footage, people will sh*t their panties and buy the 360, lol, it looks unbelievable, the best looking game I have personally ever seen, it's fantastic.