Skellige quest and armor coming to Witcher 3 this week

The next batch of DLC for The Witcher 3 has been announced and will release this week. The DLC includes a contract quest and Skellige armor for Geralt.

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Paulino301215d ago

Don't care about dlc. Still not able to play PC without random crashes.smh

bomajed1215d ago

Played this game for +150, only crashed about 4 times! You need to check your PC.

Paulino301214d ago

Computers fine Brand new parts just for this game.

2x sapphire r9 280x
8gb ram
And new mother board
Was running game at ultra except for 2 options and hairworks only on Geralt.

Game worked fine until patch 1.03. So not my pc. Go to witcher 3 message boards I'm not the only one.
Obviously your lying.

martinezjesus19931215d ago

Ive put in 200 hours into it on ps4 and it has yet to crash once, im just sayin

starchild1215d ago

The PC version never crashed on me. GTX 970, i5 2500k and running off a solid state drive.

noxeven1215d ago

What sucks is all these dlc quests have been low lvl. While I enjoy the story I just hate the fact that I'm to powerful and equipped at this point to really see them challenging. Also costumes for triss and yen are nice just wish they had been at launch instead of after I've beaten the game. I would love a patch or a mod letting me play as ceri though

nucky641215d ago

big agree on the low lvl stuff. instead of worthless outfits for yen and triss, they'd add enemies that were lvl45+.