Why Microsoft Could Be In For A Major Xbox One Sales Increase In The Fall

E3 has come and gone, with tons of new games coming out from all 3 game industries. Although Sony announced a handful of new IPs provided more information on their Project Morpheus, many of the titles seem to slide out of the Fall 2015 time frame. Microsoft on the other hand, has a solid line-up of games during the fall months, which may result in an increase in sales for Xbox during the fall months.

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StrayaKNT1212d ago

More games
Better games
Better controller
Backward compatibility

Just a better console in every single way and people are finally opening their eyes and realising this

Thatguy-3101212d ago

That's why it keeps getting outsold by the competition who's 50$ more expensive right?

DanzoSAMA1212d ago

Can't wait

Rare Replay collection
Forza Motorsport 6
Halo 5: Guardians
Gears of War remaster
Rise of the: Tomb Raider
New Xbox Dash

and we have Gamescom :D

dirkdady1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Just look at Amazon best selling list. Xbox one sales took a nose dive and ps4s increased shortly after E3. The 1tb Xbox is charting now, but still under ps4.

COD preorders increased on ps4 after Sony press conf.

Fallout ps4 pre orders sold out already.

Amazon is not everything but it's a darn good barometer.

xHeavYx1212d ago

"Just a better console in every single way and people are finally opening their eyes and realizing this"

Uh, yeah, whatever you say buddy.

mikeslemonade1212d ago

Meh.. the PS4 sales gap will continue to increase.

The new games on the X1 cater to the people that own it. Gears, Halo, TR, Forza etc.

thekhurg1212d ago

The EXACT same articles appear after every E3. It's always going to be Xbox's year after people eat up Microsoft's conference.

donthate1212d ago


There are two lists on amazon (US site):

a) Best seller list:

* PS4 is right above Xbox One at spot 13 for PS4 and 14 for Xbox One. However, Xbox One is ahead on the other two SKUs at spot 19 and 46 whereas PS4 trailing behind 28 and 66. To me they look pretty even which is actually a gain for MS to match Sony.

* CoD doesn't even matter because it doesn't even show up at all on either best seller or movers and shakers, which means it is insignificant at this point in time. Except that CoD:AW is 60% on movers and shakers.

* Fallout 4 is selling better on Xbox One at spot 6 compared to PS4 spot 23 way behind. Batman is spot 3 for PS4 and spot 5 for Xbox One. No other games in top 20.

b) Movers an shakers

* Xbox One 1TB bundle is at the top of the chart with a massive 435% increase followed by Halo:MCC console with 41% increase. PS4's first entry isn't until 30% increase at spot 42 a far cry from spot 1 and 17 for Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox One according to Amazon is selling roughly even over time. Recent trend shows Xbox One (as evident by movers and shakers) that Xbox One is trending upwards and PS4 is barely moving upwards.

"Amazon is not everything but it's a darn good barometer."

Hope it helps to get some more specific numbers. Now how did you find out that CoD:Black Ops 3 had a spike in sales after E3?

AngelicIceDiamond1212d ago

Yeah the article is about sales but its not all about sales it really isn't.

Its not so much about sales its about the experiences. Have a dev crowdfund an indie game where you can play sales.

The sales will certain be there but whats more important than that is if people are having a better experience with the console compared to the competition.

christocolus1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

@Dboyc and Dirkdaddy

Its always about sales with you guys "2 to 1", "10 million lead" Don't you ever have other things to discuss? and Dirkdaddy Xbox one is doing quite well .i just checked.


That's basically my list for the holidays but i'm going to get Gigantic and Fable legends too.Gamescom will be awesome this year.

King Nezz1212d ago

Didn't the Wii outsell both last-gen consoles? Please don't tell me that was because it was the best system due to its sales?

Major_Glitch1212d ago

Lol. Sales matter again eh?

Genuine-User1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

1.Xbox does not have more games | fact

2.It does not have better games | subjective

3.DS4 is much better in my opinion. Rechargeable battery, Touchpad, share button, 3.5mm jack, speaker and much better bumpers.

4.I'll give you BC but even that's limited

Why do you keep on spouting the same crap?

OB1Biker1212d ago

Of course Xb1 will have 'a major sales increase in the fall'
Good for Ms

Same for PS4

The thing is a lot of major games are new gen only now and gamers need to upgrade. But it s not just in the fall, its just the start when the best games are on new gen only.

Docknoss1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Keeps getting outsold? Backwards Compatibility hasn't even been released yet, some of these games were just introduced! Look at all these down votes from these Sony fans. Please tell me what course's the education system is teaching in elementary these days. Obviously Not courses pertaining to common sense. Y'all go practice falling down, I'll be there in a minute.

jrshankill1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Consumerism at it's finest.

AussieGamer1 is 100% right. Xbox One does have more games, and Gamescom will show even more. PS4 showed games which might see a 2016 release. Bettr games and controller is strictly personal preference, but there will simply be more to play this year on X1.

You must be absolutely blind to see the expansion of the X1 with Windows 10 support and the Xbox app. Sony's efforts to expand the experience have been laughable (Vita and PSNow are obsolete). Does this effect how you enjoy your PS4? Probably not... but MS must be pretty comfortable to make the moves they have made (purchasing Mojang, Halolens, BC, Xbox app, Windows 10 support). Sony just seems.. stuck with their console.

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emilijo7771212d ago

this gen Xbox One is losing even in US and UK. already 10 million gap. i expect 50 million gap by the end of gen.

76 PS4 games scored 80+ on metacritic

only 42 Xbox One games scored 80+ on metacritic

superior library
superior exclusives
superior multiplats
superior sales

Pogmathoin1212d ago

That should be right, as you normally see huge copy and paste lists here showing millions of games for PS4....

elarcadia1212d ago

I like both systems, so I am not here to take a side. I just wanted to say I think metacritic is a big pile of poop.

Elit3Nick1212d ago

@elarcadia I don't think anyone can disagree with that

smalltowngamer5031207d ago

HAHAHAHAHA METACRITIC LOL just can't stop laughing at you using that site as any sort of serious reference. Check out Nintendo's games. They must be killing Sony and MS based on your logic LOLOLOLOL

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GigawattConduit1212d ago

Not entirely sure I agree with the better controller. Something about it just feels not as good as the 360 controller to me.

Rimeskeem1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

The only thing that you said that is remotely true is BC. Everything else is either wrong or completely opinionated.

Sora_19941212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Idk whats more scary...All your agrees or the fact you never give your console warrior crap a break

edit: and more games is factually wrong, while better games is an opinion

kraenk121212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Prepare to be disappointed...again.

Man, you're really giving Australia a bad name, it's not even funny.

Lennoxb631212d ago

Do you have to make us Xbox gamers look bad?

mkis0071212d ago

Problem is MS still has to win a month WorldWide before it can claim any sort of comeback. Just looking at last gens US numbers and where they are now doesn't paint the picture you are trying to claim.

Death1212d ago

It looks like Microsoft is playing by different rules. Windows10/PC support is going to skewer the comparatives like install base for Xbox. While Sony is narrowing their focus and finding ways to maximize profitability with the PS4 outside of traditional games sales, Microsoft is looking for ways to expand across multiple devices.

Utalkin2me1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


Thats a matter of opinion other then more games, cause that is false. And as it stands majority rules.

Aenea1212d ago

More games? No
Better games? That's subjective
Better controller? That's subjective
Backward compatibility? Yes
Better console in every single way? Hardware wise it isn't, the rest is again subjective

I only agree with the BC being a positive and am sure some people who were on the fence and are 360 owners currently might go for the One because of it

star_lancer1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

He's not saying it has more games than another console. He's simply saying there are more games coming this year (the timeframe the article refers to) than there was in the past.

-Better games - again, this year's game lineup will likely be better than last year's.

-Better controller - the Elite controller looks amazing, despite it's high price.

In short, the Xbox One will be a better console this year than it's been in the past.

Why is everyone so quick to assume he's somehow bashing the PS4? He doesn't even mention any other console in his post.

aceitman1212d ago

The reason there's a bump on x1 bundles is because u get an additional free game .this week only before that x1 was way behind check back next week and see.

PeaSFor1212d ago


sorry to burst your delusion bubble, but subjectivity and objectivity arent the same thing.

ABizzel11212d ago


AussieGamer1 is a troll of the highest degree, so why even entertain him. Block him and move on.


I suspect MS to sell around 11m - 12m consoles this year. Right now they've sold 2.5m for 2015, and they're currently selling 40% better YoY (30% better than 360 at the same time, but 360 didn't take off until year 3 / 4). This means they have a whopping 8.5m to sell in the next 6 months.

Last year they sold 6.4m units between July and December, so at a 40% increase YoY they're well on target to reach that goal, and exceed it (almost 9m).

The problem is MS also had their tier 3 launch last year during this time, they $50 price cut down to $349, free game promotions, tons of promotions for $100 - $150 off XBO with a trade in, and plenty of bundles for the holiday.

They won't have a bunch of new regions to launch in and they also won't have the shock of a $350 price down from $500 just earlier in the year.

This means MS needs to have so impressive bundles (Halo 5 + MCC, Forza 6 + Horizon 2, Tomb Raider + Definition Edition), more promotions free games & $100 off, and probably most important a $299 Black Friday - Christmas price.

If they're serious about getting their sells up, and winning back NA then they have to commit 100%, and really get behind the hardware this holiday season, and if they do all this, they could very well see global sales in the +13m range.

Kingdomcome2471212d ago

"And now back to you in the studio." So professional and concise with the numbers. ;)

nucky641212d ago

if they're "opening their eyes and realizing this"....why has sonys lead gotten bigger?

BlackWolf121212d ago

"Better games."
"Better controller."

BOOM! Immediately destroyed whatever argument you wanted to have, and ruled you an entirely subjective idiot. Congrats.

Also, if playing 360 games is a reason to buy an Xbox One, what is the point? Enjoy your old gen games.

star_lancer1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

What's wrong with his statements?

-The Xbox One will have better games this year than it's had in the past. The lineup of Forza 6, Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Gears Remake, and dozens of smaller titles will easily trump last year's slate of games.

-The Elite controller looks awesome, and will likely be a better controller than MS has offered previously.

I think you're assuming he's saying it will have better games and a better controller than the competition (which is highly subjective). However, he NEVER mentioned the competition.

So, I ask you - what's your problem with his statements, and why do you have to reduce yourself to name-calling?

Elit3Nick1212d ago

If you think you're fighting for the good of all xbox gamers, you're not. I don't like fanboyism no matter where it comes from, and you're no exception.

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Jedislayer1212d ago

Just Play games. Why do people care about Sales?

Rimeskeem1212d ago

because fanboys and console wars = clicks

LifeInNZ1212d ago

Its like shooting fish in a barrel. Except in this case they are extremely stupid fish because they think they are swimming in the best barrel filled with the higest quality water.

ABizzel11212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Sales matter for the future of the console. Look at Nintendo and the Wii U. If they have 1 or 2 more of those sales failures, it's a real threat that Nintendo will never make a console again.

MS knew going in with the original Xbox it was going to take a loss. They've done well with the 360 which took a loss early on, but I suspect with XBL subs, software sales, and the longer life cycle it eventually turned into a profit. The XBO by all means is starting off like the 360, it's selling good now, but after the price drop, SKUs for $349, and all the promotions, they've had to have taken a loss on those holiday sales, and with the console being the same price still they're either taking a loss or barely breaking even (console + 1 games + 1 year of live = Break even, although those cost are recouped at a later time). It's to the point where they add their Xbox division into their entire entertainment division, which they didn't have to do with the 360 once it really took off. No company wants to see their product struggle, and if it goes on for too long it's going to get cut.

Sony was in this position last gen with the PS3, but the PS2 success kept them up, and the PS4's current success is giving them another 2 - 3 gens easy.

Sales matter to fanboys for console war sake, but for some of us it's actually interesting and informative about the longevity of these boxes, and more importantly the likelihood of a successor, because it's a real threat for Nintendo right now if the NX doesn't improved the WIi U's current situation drastically it could very well be their last console.

Everyone talks about Nintendo having $9 billion in the bank, but that's nothing when you consider the fact that they're trying to sell 50m consoles that cost them around $200 to make, that's $10 billion alone in manufacturing cost per generation, which means Nintendo would be bankrupt after this gen, if Wii U hardware was their only source of income. What kind of counters that is software sales, which is why hardware sales are so important. The more hardware you sell the more potential software, peripherals, services, etc.. you can sell, which is where the real money comes from.

That's why sales are important. Without the company / division (in the case of PlayStation and Xbox) you have no console and no games to play. SImply put it's better to be informed and in the know, so you can make sure you get your investment out of the hardware you buy, when a console does bad all you have to do is look no further than Nintendo's E3 this year, and you'll see what happens to game support from first party, and eventually 3rd party (Wii U and Vita).

NewAgeisHere1212d ago

Just a word of advice buddy. I see you love your walls of text. It would be easier to get your point across if you used less letters. Just sayin.

ABizzel11212d ago


A wall of text is needed, because when you simplify it leaves room for the ignorant to not be able to comprehend what you're saying.

Besides people don't read books nearly as often, so it's good to have an informative 1 page read every once in a while, instead of a Tweet reported as news.

Death1212d ago

If this "wall of text" is scary I'd hate to see what would happen if you were holding a book.

ger23961212d ago

well said, and very informative.

Lennoxb631212d ago

The only time I can see where sales matter is when a console is selling so bad that 3rd parties start skipping it. That's when you really have a problem. But that has never happened in the history of Xbox or Playstation. So I wouldn't worry about sales.

ABizzel11212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


The first Xbox had that problem, it was also because it was a new console, but MS gave it up to get the jump on next-gen.

But it's unlikely to ever happen again, they have a good grip on NA market, which is huge, but JP games have already started pushing away. Which is the exact reverse of what is happening with Nintendo, with the west leaving them, and only JP there to support.

Bad sales in a major gaming region with good sales elsewhere can still have a negative effect on your console, especially if that region is known for making a good amount of games NA / EU / JP.

Also have you thought about building a PC yet?

NeoGamer2321212d ago

Sales of games are important, sales of consoles are not. A console is only one device to deliver a game.

If the XB does not exist MS will still make games. They have a long history in gaming dating back to the first flight simulators, solitaire, minesweeper, etc. Long before Sony and around the same time as Nintendo.

The only reason MS sells consoles is they saw a market in which windows was not part of. So they jumped in and made their OS part of that market.

No matter how many consoles MS sells they will still make games. Increasingly, and unlike Sony or Nintendo, I am not forced to buy their device to play their games and I really like that. It should only be about the games not the device. Console sales are for people who have to care more about which device they use because their favorite games are only on a specific device.

MS is changing the rules. Gamers are no longer tethered to console wars to buy most MS games. We now are seeing choice in devices that we can play our favorite games on. Gamers should be applauding and supporting this, not supporting the stupid idea of device exclusivity where I have to have a specific device to play my favorite game. I want to play games on my tablets, phones, consoles, laptops, and PCs. MS is opening that door for me. And they are doing it in a way that does not require me to have a high bandwidth device. They are doing it in a way where I can download the games to my devices and play with nominal connection requirements.

MS does not care about console sales. They are a means to an end. MS games define their platform, not their devices.

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Spotie1212d ago

Cuz if sales are bad, you get situations like with the Wii U.

nucky641212d ago

why do people care about sales? ask the people who bought a wiiu why sales are important.

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lemoncake1212d ago

Dunno about anybody else but my xbox one will get quite a lot of play time again this holiday.

Ravenheartzero1212d ago

All platforms will be getting a lot of playtime this holiday, arguably going into one of the best holidays in gaming for quite a while. halo, forza, tomb raider, uncharted collection, tales of zestiria, Dragon quest heroes, Fallout 4, battlefront, Metal gear solid TPP, mad max, Assassin's creed, COD BO3 and more...

Benchm4rk1212d ago

Im wanting to pick up a PS4 and Uncharted Collection this holiday but i dont know where I'll find the time to play it with all the games coming out this year

Death1212d ago

Uncharted collection is at the top of my list. Will be lots to do over the holidays. :)

slasaru011212d ago

What a title for an article...
This is a regular MS practice- aiming for high fall / holiday sales.

Letthewookiewin1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Ya. And no crap (to article) it's going to sell a lot during the holidays. PS4 will too and then again in early 2016 with Uncharted. Both consoles are going to see fluctuations but I honestly don't ever see the gaping hole in sales close this gen. For the X1 to catch up it will need to outsell PS4 consistently for years. And that doesn't mean that it's a bad system, it's great, really love Ori. I'm just looking at the big picture here.

smalltowngamer5031207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

@ Letthewookiewin -

Considering the PS4 has been outselling the Xbox for the year and a half they have been out, I don't see why it would take YEARS of the xbox OUTSELLING the PS4 to catch up. One would assume that if it start outselling at the same pace as the PS4 is outselling xbox then it would only take a year and a half. I'm not saying this is going to happen at all, just pointing out how seriously fucked up your math is

firelogic1212d ago

People say PS4 has no games as if there's literally nothing coming out for it in the latter half of the year. PS4 will be where people play games like

Arkham Knight
AC: Syndicate
Fallout 4
Destiny expansion
NBA Live
Rainbow Six
Guitar Hero
WWE 2k16
Star Wars Battlefront

On top of exclusives like

Persona 5
Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes
Until Dawn
Uncharted HD
Tales of Zestiria

Pogmathoin1212d ago

Very true... I expect PS4 owners will definitely play those games. Is Fallout 3 only part of the Xbox package or that coming for PS4 too?

Death1212d ago

Its only on Xbox. There are a few title bundling older games from the b/c update via free download. The back catalog will be for sale also if you don't own the game already. Hopefully they will be priced at a gamer friendly MSRP.

Pogmathoin1212d ago

I am sure there cannot be anything negative about that.... Thanks,

Satyre281212d ago

I am sorry but the exclusive list is extremely weak. Its a remaster of a series(And not even the MP), everything else is a niche game like Until Dawn, or indie. Sorry but most people are starting to realize that X1 has this holiday on lock why cant you? This is also speaking before gamescom(a show that Sony is not having a conference at).

Spotie1212d ago

Same goes for that XB1 list. It's a bunch of sequels of games we played last year, remasters, and a timed exclusive that'll be better on PS4, anyway.

Oh, and a couple of indies, too.

Who is this "most people" you speak of? Where did you get this info from? Did you pull it out of your rear? Cuz that's about the only place such BS could come from.

This is also speaking before Paris game show and TGS, where Sony will have huge presences at.

Ravenheartzero1212d ago


Weak to you. Big jrpg fanbase on ps4, huge fan myself and Tales of zestiria and Dragon quest heroes are as high on my list of games to get as fallout 4.

'most people know X1 has this holiday on lock'... Keep telling yourself that bud. Ps4 will outsell X1 again world wide. Deal with it.

Sony have just moved their showing at gamescom to Paris gameshow.

Regardless of which platform you own every gamer has something to play this holiday, but just because a certain game doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean it's not worthwhile to someone else.

Death1212d ago


You are 100% correct. Sony will always have more PS4's sold than Microsoft will have Xbox One's. If you are a fan and console sales are important to you, the PS4 might be worth a look. If you are a developer and you can only target one console, those sales numbers may also be important. If you are a developer and you are looking at reaching the largest possible audience without breaking the bank, Xbox One and Windows 10 will give you a perspective base of gamers that the PS4 can't touch. While people talk of a 10 million console lead for Sony, Windows users are counted in the billions. With a free upgrade to Windows 10 and Windows 10 running on Xbox One, how many more Xbox One/Windows 10 users will there be?

ballsohard20131212d ago

um well the first 17 games are not console exclusives. And the exclusives you did list are not system sellers as if Ps4 needs system sellers anyways lol. But its to be expected that maybe September to February when new X1 exclusives like forza, halo 5 etc start dropping that X1 outsells Ps4 those months and close the gap some more or even level the playing field. Last xmas they only dropped Sunset and that alone gave them 2-3 strong months with monthly sales leads.