Did Bungie Use a Fan-Made Boss Fight for The Taken King?

Bungie's upcoming The Taken King expansion was officially announced at E3. A few short clips of the new Raid Boss have been shown off and they look quite similar to a fan-made Boss fight created back in March.

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Neonridr1307d ago

you have to admit.. that's one heck of a "coincidence"..

Blues Cowboy1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Yup, but I reckon it probably is a coincidence. There are SO MANY fan creations/wishlists/ideas for every game that there's bound to be coincidental overlap from time to time.

EDIT: That said, the name 'Medusa's Stare' is uncanny!

DillyDilly1307d ago

Its Bungies game they can do what they want

Halo2ODST21307d ago

No one is saying it's bad, you can put your "shield" away...

brokenbracket1307d ago

LOL, I doubt they took his idea. I'm sure it's something they've been working on for a while now. If Raids were that easy to make, they would've had one in the latest House of Wolves DLC.

Also, the line about them not including a Raid in the House of Wolves DLC isn't just about how easy or not easy it is to make a Raid. Even though I'm sure it's somewhat difficult, I strongly believe Bungie wanted a different play mode for gamers to get their end game content through, rather than another Raid. If all we had were strikes and raids, everyone would've given up on Destiny by this point. Even once The Taken King drops, there will still be players dropping into some Prison of Elders matches to spice things up a bit from time to time.

rdgneoz31307d ago

"If Raids were that easy to make, they would've had one in the latest House of Wolves DLC."

Why put out another raid in the last season pass DLC, when you can put it out right after and make people pay more money for it...

WizzroSupreme1307d ago

Well, this is it: the time has come. Fans have made better boss fights than game studios.