WorthPlaying Preview - 'Golden Axe: Beast Rider'

WorthPlaying writes: "Golden Axe: Beast Rider is an odd beast because it both does and does not feel like a Golden Axe game. Initially, it's difficult to spot the elements that are related to Golden Axe but noticeably easier to spot the omissions. A single playable character and no multiplayer component could make some Golden Axe faithful scream in rage, but while some of the series' iconic gameplay has changed, much of the world setting has remained the same. Familiar monsters, both friendly and hostile, populate the world, and while they're joined by additions to the cast, they bring a nice sense of déjà vu to the proceedings.

The main character, Tyris Flare, was actually one of the playable characters in the original Golden Axe, and while she's gotten a redesign, she's still fairly recognizable. Likewise, Tyris' magic is mostly a shinier version of the same magic that you saw in Golden Axe, and a few of her combos look quite familiar indeed. Golden Axe fans will be most pleased to hear that the tiny gnomes will return, and they are as annoying as ever - and just as fun to kick."

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