Why do gamers dump on systems? Xbox 360, Sony PS3 & Nintendo Wii

Product Reviews's Daniel writes:

Gamers see it all the time, whenever some news is reported on Product Reviews, N4G, Digg, Game Trailers and other sites; gamers have to run each games console down.

Why do some gamers have to dump on systems? The Xbox 360 has its advantages over the Sony PS3 and also the other way round; the Nintendo Wii makes up in gameplay what it lacks in graphics.

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Truplaya5835d ago

people like to beleive they have bought the 'right' console, when people with both 360 and PS3 know there is no 'right' console to have.

Most of this 'dumping' on systems comes from kids who told their parents to get them a console for christmas/birthday and they will defend their decision on every internet page they can instead of actually enjoying their present.

mcgrawgamer5835d ago

QFT brother.

It also goes to the previous generation. I know kids who have playstation 2's, and xbox's who troll the forums defending their current gen counterparts and they don't own the ps3 or the 360, but because they own the previous console they support and defend the current system attacking the competition. And for what?

While ps3 loyalist bash fable 2, gears 2, and banjo this winter I'll be enjoying all 3, and while 360 loyalist bash resistance 2, lbp, and the home beta. I'll be enjoying those.

Jack Meahoffer5835d ago (Edited 5835d ago )

Its called cognitive dissidence. “My choice is right NOTHING will change that even reality”. A lot of it boils down to having no life and NEEDING to live vicariously through a fanboy soap opera. People want to be part of the winning team. They want to believe they’re special because they picked the “winning” horse.

When you own all consoles you understand the winners are those that have access to everything and don’t have to lie to themselves. All consoles have ups and downs. All of them are worth their retail cost for different reasons.

kewlkat0075835d ago (Edited 5835d ago )

All these consoles have thier strengths and weaknesses. Some more than others.

One might like 3 exclusives on MS's brand or 5 exclusive on Sony's brand or 2 exclusive on Nintendo's Brand, it doesn't matter.
The fact is, you probablly own more than one because of Exclusives/Network variety/Controller preferences for certain games...etc it's all different for each gamer.

Respect others, that they may have preferences in their gaming and other taste in respect to each given console, even if they own all 3 or 2 of the consoles.

Sometimes I do feel bad for some that are delusional and blinded by Loyalty. Not even that, I think some poison themselves into believing anything other then what they have sucks. Companies in these econominc times, are only Loyal to there shareholders/investros. Ask SE and company..

cyclindk5835d ago

There's also the simply fact, fanboys excepted, that it is natural as well as necessary to point out both the faults and their frequency of occurrence with any product; not to do so would be asinine. When it appears someone is bashing a particular console, it may only be based upon which console, in someone's opinion, possesses the majority of faults.

Real Gambler5835d ago

Because that's were the problem is! Consoles are now too expensive and most typical gamers have no choice and can't afford all three. So TruPlaya is kind of right, simply because if you cannot afford all three consoles like most people, then, you want to make sure you picked the best one for your bucks.

With all the peripherals, all three consoles will cost you way over $1500. Add a decent 1080p tv (otherwise you would be soooo stupid to spend that kind of cash and play on a cheap tv) and you're way over $3000 out of your wallet.

We are far from the time where you could pay $300 to $500, own all the game consoles, and play them on any SD tv you would see fit.

Most kids cannot go to their parents and tell them, please buy me $1500 worth of consoles and controllers. Why do you think the average age of gamer is going up, and up? Because they simply have deeper wallet. Still, when they spend $500 to buy a console, some extra controllers, and then spend $300 a year in games, even most adults will consider only one console. And that's where the problem is. You will buy the best for you. The other two will be good, but never as good as the one you picked for whatever reason.

Jack Meahoffer5835d ago (Edited 5834d ago )

Why does it "make you laugh" that the people commenting own all consoles? That's not "the problem". The reason you see more multiple console owners posting in a thread like this is that they DON'T excuse fanboyism because they have EXPERIENCED for themselves how pointless it is. They know all the consoles have a great value. They don't need to make excuses for childish behavior like you appear to be doing.

Price? Consoles cost about the same they always have adjusted for inflation the only difference is that there are now 3 real contenders where before there were only 2. The fact that kids can't afford all platforms doesn't excuse the blind brand worship and distortion of reality.

Also the reason the average gamer age is going up has more to do with the age and maturity of the medium more than the price of the consoles. Kids that grew up playing Atari are in their 30's and 40's. Kids that grew up playing NES are in their 20's.

Point is. Reality is reality. No matter what your excuse or justification being blindly loyal to a corporation and twisting the facts to make yourself feel special about your choice is childish. There is no excuse.

MikeGdaGod5834d ago

since i bought a 360 years ago and still play one from time to time, i feel like i should be able to give my honest opinion on how i feel about the console.

it gets me when i say the 360 doesn't have many of the games i like and people act like it's a sin that i don't like Fable or Halo. then to get told, "oh if you don't like those games you're not a REAL gamer" like they know me.

i made my decision to go PS3 exclusive after buying a 360, getting tons of games but not enjoying the majority of them, having it break down on me multiple times, and overall feeling that it wasn't quite what i was expecting out of a next-gen console.

i have never been a fanboy of any console maker and even though i never owned the original Xbox, i was more than willing to give the 360 a try. it just didn't keep my interest. there where two games that are exclusive to the console that i really really enjoyed and those were Gears and Dead Rising. everything else is either multi or PS3 exclusive.

after all the issues i had with the 360 it just wasn't worth me keeping. the RRoD i could deal with since i had a Best Buy extended warranty. it was the scratching of disks that drove me over the edge. and after two copies of Dead Rising were ruined, i was down to one great game for the system. then PS3 came out and i haven't looked back.

i say all of this to give you guys some insight on my logic towards the 360 and PS3. i'm not one of these people that hate MS and think they're the devil in disguise, i just got tired of throwing my money down the drain. i've owned all the PS over the years so when i say the PS3 has more of the games i like, i genuinely mean it.

if you look at my comments i never put down the 360 just for the sake of putting it down. i just get upset when i see people flat-out lie about things. i've made my decision and i feel it's ok for other to make theirs. just don't put me down when i say the PS3 has everything i need in a gaming system this gen.

prunchess5834d ago (Edited 5834d ago )

the way I see this is unless the specs of the consoles are similar, companies producing games are going to choose the lowest common denominator and engineer the game for the lowest spec console - the 360.

example - I found that GTA4 was much shorter, in game content, than San Andreas. Why?? The only reason I could think of (correct me if I'm wrong) is that Rockstar was limited by the available space on the 360 DVD. In this case PS3 owners in all probability lost out big time on content due to this.

This is just one possible example of why PS3 owners dump on the 360. I'm sure many others out there have similar examples, like will Square cut down the size and content of FFXIII due to the limitations of the 360 DVDs? This would really p!ss me off.

zeisscollector5834d ago

The truth is there is no "perfect console" and each console has it's advantages and disadvantages. As long as your having fun with your console right now, what else matters?

To some that can afford only one console, it may be a phenomenon stemming from paranoia; that their console may not survive unless they actively recruit people to their console (by bashing other consoles). This is also pretty fruitless because no console lasts forever, and eventually we'll all migrate to the "latest and greatest" gear anyway.

thebudgetgamer5834d ago

my favorite is when fanboys dump on a console throght another console example not to lon ago i saw an article that said the wii had past the 360 and a bunch of people defended the 360 by saying at lest we are beating sony. nice

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slave2Dcontroller5835d ago (Edited 5835d ago )

feel the need to justify their purchase. Analogy- I bought system "y" and because I did, it HAS to be the best thing on the market. That may hold true, atleast for you it does. Yet, the guy/gal who bought system "z" is thinking the exact same thing as the guy who bought system "y" is.

This whole console war is totally subjective. It all comes down to what works for you despite what anyone else says or thinks. I personally favor Sony and Nintendo for reasons that appeal to me, yet I also like and am interested in some of the the things that the guys over at MS are doing.

These days everyone wants to be right from Gamers to Mags to Sites. you got crap stories like RES2 vs. GeOW2 and watch the crowd rush in to say but..but. Why are we comparing a FPS to a TPS again? Oh yeah, so everyone can voice their opinion and thats cool but the person who prefers TPS's over FPS's and vice versa will never see eye to eye yet neither one is right or wrong for liking what they like.

Alot of Gamers, again, want to be right so they defend thier console of choice to hells end instead of looking at the world of gaming as a collective. I guess we are just a bunch of guys and girls who dont respect each others opinions if they aren't the same or simular. Awsome right? WRONG!

enough preaching to the choir already... Game On Ladies and Gents! All Systems GOOOOOOOOO!

mcgrawgamer5835d ago

but all of that can be summed up in your first sentence. The feel the need to justify their purchase.

cyclindk5835d ago

What about justifying why they didn't purchase something...? You people think so one-sided; we all think to ourselves, hmmm...which should I purchase and in your mind you weigh the negatives and positives of your potential choices, don't say that you don't. Some people speak about their choices aloud.

edhe5835d ago

That deny facts and manipulate things in order to try to 'prove' something or the other.

We all know about the RROD and that it's a 'dealt with' thing. We all know the ps3 was meant to be wildly more successful than it is. We all know that the Wii is a stunning success in the mainstream but not as rewarding to the rest of us.

But this site is infested with fanbois, mainly the sony variety. So it'll be a fun thing.

Kratos Spartan5835d ago

This site is full of fanboys from both sides

ChampIDC5835d ago (Edited 5835d ago )

I seem to notice more PS3 fanboys myself, but any fanboy annoys the crap out of me, period. They're all fools in my eyes.

Edit: I'll never understand why every PS3 fanboy has to bring up the RROD at every chance. It's like saying, "Hi, I'm a fanboy, and I'm insecure about my own console, so I'll bring up a problem with yours that EVERYONE knows about!"

dan-boy5835d ago

even stevie wonder could see that this site is literally crawling with sony fanboys.. check any thread, especially the 360 threads both negative and positive for proof!

sad fanboys are one sure fire way to ruin a decent web-site! and giving them approval rites to contributions and such turns the rot into a rampant disease...which as in n4g's case seems to lack a cure, or even an antidote to slow the canker! heck, even the mods turn blind eyes to sony fanboys, but hand out bans to people that are known for bias towards the evil empire for even calling them trolls! whilst just look at some of the insults that known sony fanboys spew and get left alone....the mods on here are pr!cks for sure!

sorry people, rant over!

xJxdOggyStYLe5835d ago (Edited 5835d ago )

you are EXACTLY right....this is such a great site for gaming news...but is just over RUN with the sony fanboy cult and the mods are just as guilty ...i have 2 other names right now serving 14 day bans bcuz i was bashing uncharted for the ps3 ( i own it and hate it)
and made sure i didnt say ne of the
"bad words, bots/droids/fanboys etc" i defended my xbox 360 a little and bam my post was deleted within 2 mins and BAN for 2 weeks.....mods on this site are responsible for how outta hand this has gotten on this site...u cant go into one thread and have a good discussion without sony cult followers trashing a 360 or screamin about rrod death or how great the ps3 is....the thread could b about dogs having worms and they still would bash the 360..and they can say whatever they want and can b reported and still nothing ever happens....this site is great for news...but the mods are horrid here and are the cause for not takin action of why this site is so run down now

bubbles for u dan and everyone here that actually is holding an intelligent convo and not here just to spew fanboy garbage

dan-boy5834d ago (Edited 5834d ago )

the mods are now part of the problem. the rampant fanboyism goes unchecked because they to are fanboys! and lack impartiality which is needed if you are supposedly "policing" comentators. the things they get away with is unbelievable.

and again so true that nearly every 360 thread is over run with trolls and fanboys...again without restraint. a good site now ruined beyond nothing less than drastic action. which would include a complete set of new moderators. perhaps i should just ignore the comments section, browse and leave like i used to.

edit: bubbles up aswell mate

ChampIDC5834d ago

Yeah, it's very true that fanboyism isn't kept in check in the gamer section. And now, it's probably gotten too far out of hand for the mods to deal with.

rgduhart5834d ago

Am I the only person who remembers the days in 07 when everything, including the fanboys, were anti-sony? The tides have simply turned. Back then , every thread was full of 360 fanboys and now ps3 fanboys are rampant. Thats life