Real Exclusives Raise Bar: Sony PS3 vs Xbox 360

Product Review's Daniel writes:

Recently on the MTV's multiplayer blog we read a few comments Peter Dille, Vice President, Sony Computer Entertainment of America made about exclusives and how they affect the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 sales.

What's interesting is the view Peter Dille has on exclusives that then become non-exclusive and the real exclusive games.

One game that comes to mind is Final Fantasy XIII, this was going to be a Sony PS3 exclusive and then Microsoft open their wallet wide to get FFXIII on the Xbox 360. This will bring sales to both games systems.

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Silogon5611d ago

I agree but what I don't understand is they don't have any and are simply not activly doing anything to get them.

But, when people say he doesn't make sense I don't see what they mean. You can clearly see his point is as followed.

Having a real game exclusive is more important than having DLC for a multiplatform game exclusive. Simple really and if people were more open minded they'd probably be able to see how easily his words are to comprehend, then again Kotaku is one of the 1st sites to run this story originally so being stupid is a prerequisite to the site.

I'd rather have a full on exclusive game like MGS4 and Uncharted, R&C, Resistance, Killzone and so forth and so on than DLC for GTA4 which sucks so bad it's not worth the 30 dollar price tag the DLC is going to carry.

somelikeithot5611d ago

I agree with everything you said

Thoas5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

I agree, I'm not being sarcastic either. You made a good point.

Microsoft_Spokesman5611d ago

See, Siligon, if you were always like this and weren't anti-PS3 all the time, I wouldn't of had taken a bubble from you.

syanara5611d ago

I mean look at the DLC for GTA IV on 360 who stills plays GTA IV? having full blown exclusives is definitly more important than having DLC exclusive content.

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Carbide75611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

Don't get me wrong,but right now,the ps3 does have a much better line-up,if you're talking about exclusives

EDIT: mind explaining the disagrees? Jeez xbots

Truplaya5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

I havent put a disagree as i can only go from my experience. I have 4 360 exclusives sitting at home (Gears, Halo3, Saints Row, Crackdown) and only 2 for the PS3 (uncharted, MGS4), so i think the 360 has better exclusives out now.

Kage-Proxy5611d ago

What lineup for the PS3 - and we can stick to confirmed exclusives?

ThatCanadianGuy5611d ago

Genji days of the blade
Heavenly sword
Resistance fall of man
Godfather:Dons edition (great game)
Ratchet & clank ftod
Super star dust HD
Pixel junk monsters
Just the one's i could think of right off the bat

+ allllll the multiplatform games.ill never understand why the f*ck people say PS3 has no games.

haphilli5611d ago

I personally don't see a FF13 as a mover of systems, that title belongs to Halos, Metal Gears/God of Wars, and Marios/Zeldas.

chanto235611d ago

Final Fantasy games do move consoles but the gross of the sales comes from Japan not US nor Europe...

gaffyh5611d ago

FF13 is a system seller, it sells a LOT of consoles in Japan (FFX release = 1 million PS2 sales straight away). Also it would have been a system seller in EU and US aswell (to a lesser extent). But now that it is multi, it won't really sell consoles for either system in EU and US, unless the PS3 version of FFXIII comes out first.

Bubble Buddy5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

Exclusives are rare these days and it's a shame. It doesn't let the developers fully make the game as best as it can. Thank God Sony is Heavily supporting First-Party Support.

marinelife95611d ago

The Biggest system sellers are exclusives to the next gen
Halo 3 moved a lot of 360's because the previous two were on the orginal xbox
MGS4 moved a lot of systems because the previous one's were on PS1 and PS2.

Looking forward there are some other huge titles that will make their next gen debut that will move a lot of systems.

God of War
Shadow of Colossus
Final Fantasy
Gran Tursimo
Crash Bandicoot
Kingdom Hearts

The first year that Madden isn't offered on PS2 will move a lot of systems as well.

Tomdc5611d ago

in japan sales will go through the roof when Final fantasy is released!

Silver3605611d ago

on the 360 will have is it will prevent extra PS3 sales to go along with the release of FF13. If MGS4 can sell an extra 200,000 ps3's imagine how many more FF13 exclusive would have sold. This move just evens the playing field for both companies.

xxBATTLECATxx5610d ago

good point marine life, i bought a PS3 precisely for those games, i wanted Shadow of the collossus sequel, Kingdom Hearts sequel, God of War, and GT5.

and you hit it on the nail with Madden.
i liked the ps2 versions of the game over the 360s, the control scheme is the same that ive been playing for years now. its just more fun for me, and cheaper

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Funky Town_TX5611d ago

If I was making a game I would want to sell that game to as many people as possible. If I could make a version for every console I would.

thePatriot5611d ago

I would try and make it as awesome as possible. if nobody plays it (oh well)

jmalc5611d ago

This article somehow manages to say exactly nothing.

AAACE55611d ago

And you would be smart to do so...Bubble for you, for thinking the way these developers are thinking, and not letting your hate for a particular console help you make a bad decision like a lot of these fanboys do on here!

I'm not saying you have hate, but using the term in reference to a typical fanboys thinking.

Truplaya5611d ago

Right now the 360 has better exclusives, but the PS3 has more coming out in the future that we know about.

Exclusives i own at the moment

360 - Gears, Halo3, Crackdown, Saints row
PS3 - MGS4, Uncharted

PwnShop5611d ago

Depends on preferences, If you love straight up first person shooters PS3 , if you like RPG's Xbox, also its tough to choose because there are games that could be amazing but you don't have enough information to justify your anticipation like GOW 3, Heavy rain or Alan Wake

ry-guy5611d ago

Straight up FPS for the PS3?
RPGs on the 360?

Man, you are either dsylexic or smoking something.

360 is the sterotyped FPS console. However the RPGs are going to the 360 right now.

I don't think the PS3 has a genre defined for them. Maybe racing?

Playstation Man5611d ago

Is the console for RPGs, RPG fans like me are screwed. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were both let-downs, Fable wasn't a great game in my opinion on XBOX so Fable 2 certainly isn't on my list to get and the three Square timed/exclusive titles contain only one I care about, and it's coming to PS3 eventually: The Last Remnant.

PS3 is getting Disgaea 3 (for the hardcore RPG crowd), Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata w/exclusive content, still exclusive FF Vs XIII, Some FFVII game and EVENTUALLY (by March 31, 09 according to Sony) White Knight Chronciles.

That RPG statement will be changing very soon. Either way, we all win with FF XIII going multi. It just won't push console sales now, just like GTAIV (except for Sony in Japan).