Batman: Arkham Knight and the Future of Batman Games

Rocksteady's Arkham series ends this year with Batman: Arkham Knight. What's next for the Dark Knight in video games?

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SaveFerris1217d ago

Move on to Batman Beyond next?

iSuperSaiyanGod1217d ago

Yes !!! Beyond get no respect . That cartoon & static shock was so epic !! Lol

FullmetalRoyale1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Two episodes of Beyond in particular I remember giving me that "Animated Series" feeling. The one where Bruce gets his age reduced and he and Terry fight side by side out of costume. Standout moment being when Terry says: So this is what you were like in your prime(something like that). And Bruce replies: Well this isn't QUITE my prime.
That episode and the one with Ink when Bruce puts on that suit that could kill him to save Terry. Standout moment being when that old theme music hit. Oh man!
I really liked that show. Particularly seeing old lonely, and bitter Batman.

LegoIsAwesome1217d ago

Green Arrow : Starling Origin
Green Arrow : Iron Heights
Green Arrow : Starling City
Green Arrow : Starling Archer

Sevir1217d ago

Lol! I'd rather them call it Arrow based off the CWverse... Ollie is cool and Stephen Amell does a great job. But thatd be awesome what you listed

iSuperSaiyanGod1217d ago

Love the cw version . Got all the season on Blu Ray & it just so easy to re watch when you home sick or just having a lazy day . Very easy watch

Hold_It1216d ago

The first two seasons were good, that last one though was very.. not arrow. Too much crying from Felicity, and too much complaing from each character every episode. Oliver makes bad choices they grill him for it, but when another character of Team Arrow makes bad choices it's not okay to call them out on it. That with the anti-climatic battle w/ Ra's was depressing. Let's have a monologue while I kill you. In all honesty the best thing to come out of Season 3 was Thea's character development.

Hopefully the next Rocksteady game will be Superman, as there has yet to be a good one made.

Sevir1216d ago

Season 3 of Arrow suffered from not having a truely menacing villian that was not constantly driving the series forward ala The Flash's Harrison Wells.

Season 3 was uneven with it'd plot and having seen Starling City fall victim to two massivr take overs Ra's attempt was a weak one. The first 9 episodes were awesome... And I enjoyed the shift in character dynamics. But Season 3 of Arrow was weak in comparison to season 2

FullmetalRoyale1217d ago

Sterling Archer: Danger Zone

aquaticDonut1217d ago

Can't wait to see Rocksteady's next project.

NukaCola1217d ago


One could only dream.

deadpoolio3161217d ago

Spawn hasn't been relevant since 1997, nobody but a handful of people still read Spawn....

Although it is more reasonable than the morons who keep saying TMNT, even though TMNT is owned by Nickelodeon, the games license is held by Activision and the movie license is held by Paramount....Rocksteady is not getting anywhere near TMNT since I believe they are owned by WB

WizzroSupreme1216d ago

Batman Arkham Knight is hopefully the dawn of a fantastic era for awesome DC Comics game series. *cough, Superman, cough*

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