Siren: Blood Curse released in Europe at higher price than previously announced

VG247: SCEE's released Siren: Blood Curse in Europe. It's on the PSN now in 12 episodes.

Each pack of three episodes costs £6.99, not £4.99 as we were originally told.

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mesh13738d ago

europe screwed again tbhi im quite pissed with sony a lot of game cost £5 more than the their 360 counter part this si why i will stick to buying multiplats for the 360 as they are cheaper and run smooth

Ghoul3738d ago

how long till you finally get shoved to the open zone you dont even have a ps3, stop the flaming ffs.

MazzingerZ3738d ago

The announced price per chapter was a typo and is now corrected, the price for the whole game remains the same... otherwise it didn't make any sense that buying per chapter was cheaper than the purchasing the full game

Forget about currency exchange factors, our global currency is games so:

the full game here in Europe and US costs as much as Warhawk today and less than GT5P.

Each Chapter (3 episodes) costs as much as the PSN game Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3

IMO is a steal, the game looks great and well worth it.

Tomdc3737d ago

i didn't like the demo anyway, not my kinda game

Milky3737d ago

YOU CAN GET THE DISC VERSION ON EBAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

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Mikelarry3738d ago

if this is true does SCEE greed know no bounds.

socomnick3738d ago

lol I pictured sackboy saying what you said :P

pp3738d ago

Well sony has to make some money some how. after all they are loosing money on each ps3 sold

cloudman3738d ago

This kind of comment from now on i will called 2 face

You intentionally meant this in a bad way. Si i wont agree or disgree!

SilPho3738d ago

You can buy the whole thing for £19.99 which is pretty much the same as buying all 4 for £4.99

Though I think you should be able to buy pack 1 at £4.99, a cheaper price to lure you in to the game. Then £14.99 for the other 3 packs combined (or £6.99 separate).

Ashta3738d ago


How about being glad that you only have to pay 7 euros for the episodes. I have to pay 15 american dollars for my seperate episodes.

However, if you buy the whole game you save like 5 bucks....but still...quit complaining.

PirateThom3738d ago

Because £7 is about $14...

Menchi3738d ago

You have nothing to complain about either :|
I believe the price for the full game is $40, which is pretty much exactly the same as our full price being £20.

Yes, you pay $15 for each episode pack, but I believe there's only 3 for the US, bundled as 4 in a pack so $45.

Us UK people on the other hand, pay $14/episode pack, and we have 4 to download.

All in all, you pay $45 seperately, and we pay $56 seperately.

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The story is too old to be commented.