Destiny: The Taken King’s Oryx is a ‘real boss’

Destiny may be a lot of things, but if there’s one thing that the game nails, it’s boss fights. Those battles live up to the idea of becoming a legend in Destiny. But you may not be prepared for the latest big bad who’ll be popping up in year two of the game. Oryx is coming…

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masterfox1217d ago

I saw the trailer I liked the action packed in, totally will consider going back to Destiny in september, it looks like it will not focus on the horrible PvP part and thats a good thing.

ChronoJoe1217d ago

A lot of people like the PVP, it's really not that bad. I like the gunplay especially, not many games allow you to get a good gunfight between players because everyone has so little health (Call of Duty and the like) so when a game rewards accuracy and your ability to retain and not just acquire the target, it can be quite fun.

I like other games like Halo and Uncharted's multiplayer more, but there aren't yet any new releases within those franchise, this generation. So for now, Destiny's crucible is at least more enjoyable than Call of Duty and its familiars.

Hereiamhereibe21217d ago

Ya I still find it hard to care, having more fun in ESO than i ever did in Destiny. Fuck Bungievision.

Blastoise1217d ago

This expansion is £40 in the UK, that's $63. It best have a "real boss"

Patricko1217d ago

Yeah yeah, so was Atheon on VoG and Crota in Crota's End. Players will decide if this really hard and complex raid, or just pr talk.
This update is similar to Dark Below, except subclasses and we are paying like 20$ more for it...

scientificreasoning1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

No your wrong..This is a full fledged expansion, with 2 new large are (Phobos is a new moon and the dreadnaught), 12 story missions , 1 raid, 6 new is a lot ocf content. LVL cap is going to 50.

Please research before posting FUD>

kayoss1217d ago

I would prefer more raids than strikes. Raids define what this game is really about. Working together with your team to accomplish a single objective. The problem with PVP in destiny, eventhough your're on a team, everyone has a different agenda. I feel like the Cabals should have its own Raid. Its seems that the Cabals are the only one that we have not seen the big boss.

scientificreasoning1217d ago

@KAYOss...the cabal wiil have their own an expansion.....Raids are better obviously, but they are hard to develop, your not going to get anymore then 1 raid per release.

Neonridr1217d ago

level cap is going up to 50 with this expansion?

Are you referring to light level? Which was 42 on this current expansion. So basically the level cap is going up another 2 like is has with every previous expansion?

ChronoJoe1217d ago

The player level was 50 in the demo available at E3, but they said that it won't neccesarily be the same at the launch of TTK.

Bear in mind that a lot of the stuff we've seen so far may be subject to change. Some aspects like the player levels may have just been a placeholder for the demo.

kayoss1217d ago

If history have shown us with destiny. I believe the Raid will be for the Crota's father (the king). I know raid are hard to make but dont you think as a devouted destiny player we deserve a little more than just strikes?

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Mikelarry1217d ago

"These are combatants who are twisted and corrupted, who have been pulled from our dimension"

So basically recycled enemies we've already seen, not hating but i am done with destiny, it had potential but something happened and what we got is far from what was originally planned

Somnipotent1217d ago

TDB was a huge disappointment however I've been thoroughly enjoying HoW. Bungie has had some horrible growing pains with Destiny but they're learning and listening. It's a love hate relationship with me but I've gotten my money's worth out of the game.

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