Miyamoto: Tablets Overtook Wii U Quickly, Thoughts On VR

If you thought Miyamoto was going to compare the Wii U to the PlayStation 4, you would be wrong.

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masterfox2308d ago

"Miyamoto:Tablets Overtook Wii U Quickly"<---EPIC FACEPALM, don't tell me Miyamoto all this time was going against the mobile gaming with the Wii U ??. EPIC SENILE RETARDNESS by Mr. Miyamoto if true.

Not freaking joking if it wasn't for Sony,PC gaming and lastly the xbox, the game industry would be death years ago, Nintendo is screwing the gaming industry and themselves by their ignorant decisions a lot.

Please don't talk about VR MR. Miyamoto you would only slow its progress in periods of years.

Crimzon2308d ago

Nintendo is obsessed with gimmicks unfortunately. If you're hoping for a console with capable hardware, decent online infrastructure and a normal controller, you're probably going to be very disappointed.

mikeslemonade2308d ago

The NX will fail if it doesn't keep up with the standard of specs.

Vegamyster2308d ago


Failure isn't determined by specs, the N64 & Gamecube both had more power than the PS1/2 but neither did as good. The Wii-U's lack of success comes from the name, lack of 3rd party support, poor advertising, very basic online and game droughts.

If they can correct these things for the NX they'll have more success.

Brotard2308d ago

Sony has been such a boon to the gaming industry. They have ruled the home console market since inception(sales figure wise), encouraging companies like microsoft to join. creating more competition, (better for consumers). on the pc front, If valve didn't step up with a revolutionary product like steam, maybe no one would have. and xbox ushered in multiplayer console gaming as we know it today.

pcz2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

''Miyamoto: Tablets Overtook Wii U Quickly''

? bizarre. was the wiiu seriously competing with tablets? i didnt think so, and if nintendo intended that, then its no wonder the wiiu failed.

nintendo didnt know what they were doing with wiiu.

i pray they spare the NX of the gimmick BS, because really, nobody wants it and nobody respects it.

wii was an exception because of a particular time in gaming history where people were looking for new experiences.. that time has passed now, people had their little de-tour into motion gaming, and they realised they like traditional gaming.

please nintendo, no more BS gimmicks, get back to making good, solid, quality, classic games that will stand the test of time, instead of trying to create a fad or flash in the pan.

danny8182308d ago

I feel like they wanted to compete with Tablets, in a way where they wanted to catch that markets attention which they have obviously failed. I think that's what he meant

rainslacker2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

What's weird is that they could have had the entire console on the tablet, and made it portable, but it could have connected to the TV like a regular console as well.

Sure it would have been bulkier than a regular tablet, but since it's also a full game machine, if they had managed to get a form of Droid on there then it could have been a huge success even at $400. If not droid, then at least have the main apps that people use on tablets. Make portable games easy to port to the system and sell through their own store, and there is no reason that mobile devs wouldn't do it since they know people who own it are gamers.

Just think of how the console is built. The only thing that ties it to the TV is the HDMI, and the DVD drive. Make the media as memory cards, and keep the HDMI slot using a mini one, throw in a more substantial battery, and you have a portable console. Could have been huge given Nintendo's place in handheld gaming. It would have probably been cheaper to make this way too, instead of having two devices to make for each unit sold.

I have a strong feeling that the NX is exactly this. I even said that something like that could have happened this gen before any of the consoles were revealed. It'll consolidate their home console and handheld market into one thing, and allow them to focus on a single platform instead of having to choose between a wildly successful one that sells a ton of software, and one that is barely holding on, and has hit or miss software sales. It would also boost 3rd party support because it opens up two markets to one system.

Just seems like Nintendo stopped short of doing this with the WiiU, possibly due to the current success of the DS and 3DS.

3-4-52307d ago

* Wii U wasn't competing with tablets, but by the time it did release, tablets had become a lot better, so when the Wii U did release, it's tablet controller didn't seem as special as it would have if it had released back in 2009 or something.

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Zero1092308d ago

As I said in an earlier post:

Make hardware comparable (to x1/ps4) and easier to develop for.Fix the infrastructure and Online
Stop focusing on just local co-op, get with the times and add online (and the "option" for voice chat)
Get a mobile app for downloading games and whatnot straight to the console.
Upgrade the Miis to full blown avatars
Update the UI (faster, more functionality, party chat and etc).
Make the controller as good as the ps4/x1 controller
New and long lasting IPs

Lastly, just because you do things differently than the competition doesn't make it better or more worth it. Ultimately the consumer decides what's better (look at the ps4/x1 at launch up until now). I like new and different things (so does everyone else) but not having basic features/limited hardware compared to the competition and refusing to get with the times (online functionality, blu ray, social connectivity etc) hurts your product more than anything.

I really do hope they've learned their lesson and release a phenomenal new console that exceeds our expectations!

superchiller2308d ago

"Lastly, just because you do things differently than the competition doesn't make it better or more worth it. Ultimately the consumer decides what's better..."

THIS. Nintendo has been too caught up in being "different" from the competition, and the end result is substandard hardware crippled by gimmicks. No one asked for a bulky, distracting tablet controller, and the high cost of the gamepad directly caused the base console to have specs/features massively scaled down.

I'm afraid that Nintendo is unable to compete well in terms of gaming hardware anymore, which is why they resort to gimmicks to set themselves apart. If the NX goes the same route as their other recent consoles, they might as well just skip it.

uth112308d ago

> Lastly, just because you do things differently than the competition doesn't make
> it better or more worth it. Ultimately the consumer decides what's better (look at
> the ps4/x1 at launch up until now). I like new and different things (so does
> everyone else) but not having basic features/limited hardware compared to the
> competition and refusing to get with the times (online functionality, blu ray,
> social connectivity etc) hurts your product more than anything.

Exactly. Nintendo needs to either make their consoles a compelling alternative to the others or go software-only and focus on marketing their unique IPs on other consoles. Right now trying to do both is a disaster.

_-EDMIX-_2308d ago

100% agreed. Could not agree any more bud. Sony and MS are not new to business even slightly. They are aces in their fields and merely apply those same fundamentals to the gaming business. Sony long ago learned that focusing on certain concepts don't work, thus PS didn't have a game type, it catered to all types. It was known that they didn't have a "mascot" as gaming had Sonic, Mario etc. Crash might be the closet thing, or Spyro, but those were abandoned later the next gen. By staying neutral to this, all games flourished on the platform. They didn't just advertise you get 1 game type over the other.

They lost the Crash and Spyro IP's as they didn't own then, they learned that the next gen when they made Jak, Ratchet and Sly along with other IPs. PS2 did a lot of things better then PS1 in terms of Sony's growing IPs, they also made mistakes ie Online.

PS3 fixed those mistakes. Making an online that had all the staples needed to actually compete against XB. The bluray format was needed and is the only reason why PS4 and XONE are as cheap as they are as PS3 had to bare the grunt of that format in terms of cost lowering.

MS came into gaming focused on the hardcore FPS, fast racers, huge fighting games etc concept. This helped get them out there, but also focused way, way too much on a very small core of gaming that left folks assuming you must play a certain genre to actually get value from an XB. This hurt them quite a lot as during that gen they didn't get much Japanese support.

Enter 360. Like its namesake, the company very much changed a lot from its first try at console gaming, easily might be the most radical change from a game manufacturer probably ever. They seeked a design that was easy to work with, they went out of their way to get Japanese support and focused on getting away from that stigma that hurt them previously. 360 was 100% on the same level as PS3 and regardless of what fanboys say, you could very much see both those consoles in the same light.

Both seeked help and input from 3rd parties when creating a console, not some times...ALL THE TIME!

Both fixed issues that plagued the system the gen prior.

BOTH seek to get 3rd parties that they didn't have full support from the last gen.


Wii had a huge lack of support due to its low specs.

What did they do to change that with Wii U? Nothing.

Wii was hard to work on because they didn't have full input with 3rd parties....

What did they do with Wii U to change that? Nothing.

Wii's online was so broken, it was non-exist, had no account system, merely saved on the console.

What did they do with Wii U to change that? Nothing.

Wii sold 100 million units...Nintendo made MORE money then MS and Sony that gen....yet bought the least IPs and least teams.

Soooo the answer to why Wii U and 3DS has hard launches and droughts? Again...its cause they did NOTHING to solve an obvious problem. Based on its the gamer's problem and clearly not theirs. It seems they could care less about supplying games even with 100 million Wii's sold. You would think they would invest in more teams then just Monolith, yet Sony bought more teams then them?

My issue with Nintendo is not the mistakes they make, its the continuing of obvious ones that leads me to believe its not a mistake at all.....its deliberate. They likely either don't care, or don't want to compete with 3rd parties, thus nerf their system as to have high game sales on THEIR IPS.

andibandit2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I really hope they shoot a straight arrow with the NX, but I fear we're going to get a third screen on the backside of the gamepad or beneath the console.

Zero1092308d ago

lmao...beneath the console!

MasterCornholio2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Nah its going to be a T-shirt that you wear with a touch screen.

I honestly don't know how their next innovation will be like. Seems like they invent things just for the sake of having something different.

Summons752308d ago

Tablets have nothing on or to do with the WiiU. Please show me a game that looks as good or more importantly plays a tenth as good as Smash or Splatoon on a tablet....oh, you can't.

joeorc2308d ago

Here is three top of my head:

GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas!

The thing is most if not all tablets has dedicated GPU inside of not just entry level, they have GPUs like what the Playstation Vita was equipped with. Any more now days Tablets like iPads and Android and windows surface has native game pad support. Bluetooth or wireless.

That's Nintendo's main problem this.time, they picked an area of the most resistance to make a control option like a Tablet was in reality not as unique as Nintendo tried to make it out to be.

Not that I am saying it did not have things that made it awesome and unique.

But the same token, its having the same type of problem Sony is having with the PSVita.

mobile smartphones are not active direct opponents in this market the are Disruptive indirect opponents.
Which if you remember the PDA and what happened to its market, aside from a very small niche market use like inventory management control handhelds like you find in store fronts like Kroger that use them which still run Windows CE by the way.

The smartphones disrupted the PDA market by absorbtion of PDA functionality into itself. The same already happened to the WiiU tablet game control pad. Hook up a Bluetooth game pad to a tablet and games like splatoon or GTA for example runs.just like what experience Nintendo was going for.

Most up to date with in the last 3/years higher end mid tier smartphones and tablets are already have or has already shipped a product that has On a chipsets level has access to NFC technology.

Nintendo's main problematic step was this generation they picked an area of technology usage that was already established, and that even though Nintendo did a [email protected] good job to make unique use of such technology and tried to make it their own in the game console space.

The problem I think was many people already seen it and were already using such a type of device. IE: many already felt the Apple iPad, of Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note, or windows surface already did that type of functionality.

But since it also a generic compute device also, it was what they already had, and many feel there is not much a difference between what they already have to what the tablet controller was offering.

The PSVita has this very same core problem, what really does the PSVita do that the smartphone or tablet does not already do right now - exclusives and to many, the smartphone or tablet is seen as an over all better device, by many consumers right or wrong, the perception is an uphill battle to make a case to change that perception.

By the general consumer.

Movieworld2307d ago

True. But tablets will be around a lot longer than Wii U will

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