Review: Hatred (DarkZero)

Ian Howarth: "Hatred has caused a lot of controversy in the gaming community since its announcement, even going as far as to be removed from Steam’s Greenlight campaign. Of course Valve eventually pulled a U-turn on that, which captivated a lot of attention; boosting it to the most voted game at the time. The attraction that Hatred brought upon itself for being ‘ultra-violent’ is one of the best marketing strategies I’ve ever seen because in reality it is nothing more than a sub-par twin-stick shooter with bad controls, laughable dialog and voice acting, the most insultingly stereotypical main character I’ve ever seen, and eye-straining graphics. Although, it was still the top-selling game on Steam upon it’s release, placing above Grand Theft Auto V and the recent, highly praised, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

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