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plut0nash1304d ago

Finally. I don't know why they bothered with 500gb to begin with.

HanCilliers1304d ago

Well, I asked that question when the PS4 launched, and people thought I was silly.

MasterCornholio1304d ago

Thankfully its easy to upgrade.

But it would have been nice to have that option at launch.

Sarah_Ch1304d ago

No one thought 500gb wouldn't be enough

Nekroo911304d ago

Because it was silly, if at launch Sony made 26 dollars profit per unit ( 18 in some reports ) what do you think a 1tb hard drive would mean?!

Loktai1304d ago

the reason was to keep the price down because its not like it voids anything to replace it. 500 is more than enough for many- but with all the PLUS free games and so on, and people tending to keep games on their drive for long periods of time - AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM with all the updates for games now... its not a matter of putting in a disk and reinstalling there are huge updates... but still 500 is enough- I moved to a 1tb as we have them floating around the office and it was simple- sony allows and encourages it, no warranty issue but if someone is looking to buy the console at launch and they could either give a 500gb console for 399 or a 1tb console for 419, which price looks more appealing?

Neonridr1304d ago

@Loktai - I don't even think it's the Plus games that's the problem. It's the fact that every game you play now has to be installed to the HD and takes up anywhere from 20-50 GB.

amnalehu1304d ago

$399.99 price point Vs taking a loss per unit or a $449.99 Price point. Pricing was and is one of the key factors that led to the PS4 out pacing the XB1. With more PS4 units in the consumers hands, Playstation had more leverage when negotiating exclusive deals with devs. Since neither console launched with a 1 TB drive so it was not dis-advantageous for the PS4 to launch with a 500gb from a marketing stand point.

scientificreasoning1304d ago

500 GB is fine for many, ps4 also installs so fast it's fairly moot if you need to delete some game.

CorndogBurglar1304d ago

The funny thing is I asked this question just about 4 or 5 months ago and people still thought i was silly.

Its just the fact that you have to install every single game. Even the ones on disk. If you didn't have to do that then people wouldn't have torn through 500 gigs within the first year of owning the console.

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stuna11304d ago

Cost plain and simple! Regardless of how little we thought it may have been. To them it adds up! $20 a system times 1 million consoles is 20 million dollars, how is that not significant especially when at the beginning there was really no guarantee that the PS4 was going to sell the way it has. Sony themselves said they were surprised by the runaway success of the PS4.

At this point I'm just glad the option to switch out the original Harddrive was available from the beginning.

RedDevils1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I'm totally fine with 500gb, and I mostly buy games digitally, I just deleted the games I finished. Hell I'm not even half full even with games like GTA V and TLOU still installed, and like couple of other 30gb games lol

kraenk121304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

It's a piece of cake to delete and eventually reinstall games on PS4 anyway.

iKenny1304d ago

I concur! If they would have bundled this with Dark Knight: Arkham Knight that would have been something but nooooo.

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yewles11304d ago

NA and othe non-PAL regions aren't getting this yet. In the meantime, we get a 500GB revision for $400 still...

Keith221304d ago

Meh have 2TB in my PS4 cost me £50 for the HDD

paul-p19881304d ago

Same, got mine a month after getting the PS4, I only had to reinstall Watch_Dogs and never looked back since. Still have about 1.5tb free :D

BLAKHOODe1304d ago

Cheaper (and very easy) to just update your HDD to 2 TB. That's what I did.

MasterCornholio1304d ago

I have 1TB and it's more than enough for me.

yuukiliu1304d ago

Put a 1.5tb in mine. (Off topic)Now if only my credit card/PayPal worked on PSN...Anybody else having this issue?

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