Sony: PS3 Home launch date 'doesn't matter'

MCV: SCE's global president promises consumers will love online service... whenever it arrives

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thereapersson3832d ago

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Come on Sony, do you really wish for your system to go by the name of "DelayStation 3"?

I know they want to get this thing right, but how do they really expect to compete with LIVE when they say stuff like this?

Shadow Flare3832d ago

As long as i get to try out the open beta this autumn, then i don't care when it oficially releases. From the sounds of it, it is absolutley awesome. Waitings one thing sure, but being a european, i had to wait forever to get the ps3. But you know what, im glad they didn't rush that system out because otherwise it would have ended up like the xbox 360, and thats not a wrong comment

socomnick3832d ago

I might just be a really impatient person but how is it that you can be so calm about sony delaying everything flare ? Do the false promises and lack of products not anger you ? Sony has their hands down their pants while MS is about to launch their second version of xbox live on a single console. ;/

ChampIDC3832d ago

I can understand that they want to get it right, but it's just getting unreasonable at this point. Sony needs to get this out soon, or a lot of fans are going to start feeling alienated.

Seriously, your fanboy colors are so blatant man. Changing the dashboard and a few simple services are nothing like Home. I understand that it is taking them forever to release, but don't go comparing it to something completely dissimilar.

ericnellie3832d ago

Is a great concept and Sony has even admitted that the execution phase of the project was more intense than originally thought. I'm glad they have at least provided updates and apologies for the delays. Until then, there's plenty things to keep us busy until the service launches =)

Monchichi0253832d ago

At this point, I think MS might even launch there own "HOME" before Sony. I mean, you KNOW MS is currently working behind the scenes on a world where their Avaters can live.

Avaters are just the first step in what will be MS own version of "HOME."

Overr8ed3832d ago

it really doesnt, if they give us 2nd home (organized XMB with Game invites, voice chat in game with another in a other game, etc.) then i bet most people can wait for Home. I bet he said that the launch date doesnt matter because well Sony needs fix any Bugs that may brick your ps3, so they dont want to have a xbox problem in their hands then a lot of people bring in their machine to Sony and others are left without Warranty.

Bubble Buddy3832d ago

Do you guys remember when Update 2.40 was rushed? Catastrophe. I know Sony sometimes take a hell long time to do something that might seem simple enough (In-game XMB). But for me, I don't mind waiting if the results are great for HOME.

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marinelife93832d ago

I think releasing this autumn is a reasonable time frame. Every time I see new footage of home it looks better and better.

Improved Graphics
Better Functionality
Faster Load times
More Content
Added Features

SPECTRUX3832d ago

i am so tired of waiting

poopsack3832d ago

you know what bothers me? the lack of products with quality control.

thebudgetgamer3832d ago

but when someone is giving me something as awesome as home for FREE i dont mind waiting for them to make it right

jamenees3832d ago

is how some people are so hard on Sony for what they have accomplished in just a couple of years.

They are a large corporation for one, sometimes I think people imagine the guys working on Home as just a group of old men working on it a couple hours a week. They like making money, that I can promise you. They are working around the clock trying to make this thing jawdropping in every single way.

I don't know alot about development but I do know how much bugs arrise when you change coding, or improve on it. Remember guys, this is Sony and they always operate with the future in mind. I believe Home is that future, and I believe when it's all said and done, Home is a service that won't be matched by the competition for even 5 years to come.

They have a pretty good idea of what we want. They have people scouting what we like and don't like. Also, it's a work in just let them finish it and get it right. Once again, they didn't get where they are at buy letting other companies make them look like idiots.

Home is the future of online interactivity.

The Mikester3831d ago

I don't know about the rest of you but when Sony is going to come out with something like HOME for FREE i don't really give a sh*t about waiting. I mean come on, it's FREE! And HOME is going to be the most amazing thing to ever have come out for the PS3 besides Metal Gear Solid 4.

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Megaton3832d ago

If this gets delayed again...

...I don't even know how to finish that sentence, that's how mad I'll be.

Fishy Fingers3832d ago

How do you delay that which has no release date? The beta drops in fall, as far as I know that is the only date regarding Home.

Out of all the people who moan about Home sometimes I wonder how many have actually tried it, I have and it's certainly not ready in it's current build. 99.9% of the beta testers would agree on that.

The wait is some what annoying but I didnt buy my Playstation for Home so....

Megaton3832d ago

Fall 2007 was the original aim for release (I think they even went as far as to say November back at E3 2007), restated recently when a head at Sony was interviewed about HOME and its year delay. When Fall 2007 was slipping I believe it was Kaz who declared Spring 2008 as the new target, which later turned to Fall 2008. People haven't just been assuming these release times for no reason. They've been spoken publicly by Sony.

I'm also not saying that I bought my PS3 for HOME, but I do sincerely hate it when the PS3 lives up to the nickname "DelayStation". I would have rather not even known about HOME until a few months before actual release than have to keep watching it slip.

Tempist3832d ago

They can't justify that they are holding back because people will potentially complain about what's missing; people do that anyways. Look at what's happening with FW 2.40/.41: non stop whining how they want this in it now and that in it now.

It'll never end, but you can get a majority to stop complaining if they have something. I'd rather have something half finished and working than sit around with nothing at all. At this point, they have only to gain not to lose.

thebudgetgamer3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

id rather call it delay-station then failbox

edit im sorry that wasnt nessasary

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jay23832d ago .... Delay time AGAIN.

thor3832d ago

I've seen a lot of positive reports from people in the beta at how amazing home WILL BE. But can I ask, if home were to release today in its current state, how well-received do you think it would be? I imagine it is still glitch-ridden and feature-lacking. But I'd like someone to tell me otherwise.

TheExecutive3832d ago

its not ready yet. I dont know why but they need to light a fire thats for sure.

ChampIDC3832d ago

Of course it would be a bad thing to release it early, but that still doesn't excuse the massive amounts of delays.


Can only take so much bs before they get fed up and go with a rival.

If Sony do really want to compete in the online gaming arena then they will have to put alot more effort in and get HOME out before the years end.