Are these the worst videogame characters of all time?

For every Sonic, there's a Bitmap Kid, and for every Lara, there's a Mei Ling from Metal Gear Solid. These and other terrible videogame characters revealed...

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Yi-Long3737d ago

... I never really minded Tails. A 2-tailed flying fox, how can that be bad!?

It's all the extra characters that came after Sonic 2 that were beyond annoying, along with changed ('evolved') gameplay, and the move to 3d...

I long for a new 2D sprite based widescreen Sonic game.

callahan093737d ago

Most of these characters weren't so bad. I really liked Midna, actually, I thought she made Twilight Princess pretty fantastic. But I'm weird? Maybe...

What about characters like CAPTAIN NOVOLIN (the diabetes guy...) or CAPTAIN BIBLE (come on... seriously... capt. bible!) ?

I could really go on, but what's the point, eh?

haphilli3737d ago

I don't mind Tails at all, even Knuckles to an extent but then everyone else just got redonkulous.

As for the 2D sprite game I though that was going to be Sonic Unleashed from the earlier screenshots I saw......but now he is a Werewolf and slow. Why?

name3737d ago

What the hell is wrong with mei ling

haphilli3737d ago

She was dissapointed in Snake's package.

okcomputer3737d ago

The squeaky voice for starters.. and the weird, stereotypical fortune cookie lines she'd throw out all the time. She wasn't bad in mgs4 though, just mgs1.

RadientFlux3737d ago

I've always felt that female characters in MGS series were just eye candy (there were a few expections). Though I would have replaced Big Mama over Mei Ling.

I was half expecting Snake to ask his mother to cover up.

kingme713737d ago

I just want to save the game and go to bed but I have to listen to Mei Ling tell me why the fox chases the rabbit and why I should be the fox on the battelfield unless I want to be a rabbit, but I'm really a snake... ugh

ZeroBlitz3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Mei Ling was awesome and anyone who disagrees should simply stop playing MGS games.

And who complains about "Snake? SNAKE!? SNAAAAAAKE!!!", it's one of the defining quotes of the series.

Gamekilla3737d ago

can u imagine mgs OR any of the following games without "SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!"

it would be like mortal kombat without the guy yelling out "Finish Him!"

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ThatArtGuy3737d ago

Bubsy is far more annoying than anyone on that list.

Baka-akaB3737d ago

What kind of idiot complaints about the game over's "snaaaaake" of mei ling ? It's kinda an iconic feature of the game , and a nice chance from the usual .

Let's not even start with Guile being one of the worst because of a backstory not even die hard street fighters fans remember .

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The story is too old to be commented.