PlayStation Store update JPN - 24 July

PS3-Sense posted up the full Japanese PlayStation Store Update for today.

Infinite Loop (PSP)

Game content
Minna no Golf Costume Set Vol.3 - 600 yen
Initial D Extreme Stage new car - free
Turok Additional Map Pack - 800 yen

PSone games

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arcadegoal3741d ago

Very sad update yet again.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3741d ago

;-P ;-P ;-P
(Shame i can't buy stuff from the Japan PSN site) :-(

Gamekilla3741d ago

really looking forward to ??????? and ????????? best psone games of all time in my opinion /end sarcasm

name3741d ago

This is for japan. The US gets a pixeljunk eden demo and siren gets released today.