Check Out The New CUH-1200 PS4 And its Matte HDD Bay Cover in 13 Official Images

Today Sony Computer Entertainment announced the new CUH-1200 PS4 model, and the Japanese branch of the company sent in thirteen official images of the consoles.

The pictures show the only relevant visual change on the new SKU, which is a matte hard disk drive cover, replacing the sheen one included inthe previous models CUH-1000 and CUH-1100.

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NaAsAr1213d ago

I want that bay cover NOW!! My sheen cover is scarred beyond belief and all I do is wipe it ocassionally with a micro fiber cloth.

lsujester1212d ago

Damn, might want to check that cloth for glass shards or something. I clean mine with a microfiber cloth that has a very light amount of LCD cleaner applied and it still looks great. Same for my original model PS3.

NaAsAr1212d ago

The cloth is only used on my ps4. It's folded neatly beside the unit for occasional use.

Slappy McGee1212d ago

It's collecting dust while it's sitting next to the PS4 and out in the open. Then when you use it to wipe the system you're grinding that dust into the glossy surface.

inveni01212d ago

Yeah, things don't just scar over time because of scar faeries. Something else is going on there.

Loktai1212d ago

I always laugh at all the replies- no offence to anybody but I Dont spend alot of time polishing my PS4 not that its where I Can see it that well. I like the new look though!

medman1212d ago

I've got the gloss cover and wipe with microfiber and it looks like new still. Maybe it's the cloth you're using??

masterfox1213d ago

Damn that white one looks beautiful!

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FallenAngel19841213d ago

Still the same price and no announcement of a worldwide 1TB model. Nothing to see here.

FallenAngel19841212d ago

They didn't announce it to be worldwide yet. Read your own link, it says in select PAL regions

MasterCornholio1212d ago

They should sell that cover. I prefer it over the glossy one.

SynestheticRoar1212d ago

The glossy one gets mark up, if you blow on it.

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