Australian government conducts inquiry into lack of local game development

The Australian Greens have secured a Senate Inquiry into the local video game development industry, following a motion from party deputy leader and communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam.

Specifically: "This inquiry will help establish what the government should be doing to support Australia’s games industry and the employment, economic and creative benefits it delivers to the nation."

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Erik73571213d ago

Get rid of your crappy censorship

poppinslops1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

That's the least of our problems... there used to be a bunch of awesome studios based in Australia (2K, Pandemic, Team Bondi amongst them), but aside from the mobile devs, they're all gone.

We also had government-sponsored incentives to help devs out with getting set up, but practically every arts-related program has been cut in the name of 'fiscal responsibility'.

Now our devs have to leave home, otherwise they'll probably never get a chance to work work on AAA games... it's outrageous - especially when you consider what a AAA studio can make, financially.

It's a shame we had to lose Team Bondi - 'Whore of the Orient' could of been great... meanwhile R* are on the verge of representing a percentage of Scotland's GDP.

Godmars2901213d ago

With the way they ban games, I can't imagine why anyone isn't risking their creativity and potential livelihood on making games in Australia. I really can't...

FarEastOrient1213d ago

I agree, why would you create a game and risk having iy banned in your own country?

BlackIceJoe1213d ago

I really hope this will lead to Austrailia allowing more games to come out over there that are M. Plus many more new game IPs.

MasterCornholio1213d ago

Maybe if you relaxed the ban hammer a bit things would be better.

Activemessiah1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Having games do well and to keep making them is a financial risk... The devs in Australia are making a smart decisions due to absolute uncertainty with all the censorship and banning.

It's a bit like a rapist wondering why people aren't walking in the alley he hangs around anymore... I wonder why.

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