E3 2015 Hands On: Battleborn Is A Fun But Flawed Experience - PC Gaming Enthusiast

In this hands-on preview from E3, Matthew Marinett gives his impressions on Battleborn, Gearbox Software's new MOBA-inspired first-person shooter.

He concludes that, ultimately, Battleborn is a fun game with fast-paced combat and an exciting and diverse set of characters, but the combat doesn't feel polished enough to support its ambitious vision.

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LaWiiG1242d ago

The videos for the game look colorful...then start to get boring. it just seems like company's are starting to copy one another. Oh, EA is doing a game that isn't an in-depth FPS...let's do one too. An assassin game, a free-to-play, the market is so lame for FPS fans. Might as well just stick to what they're good at. What is that again?

Chronos211242d ago

I feel like this is just an attempt to get something into the market before Overwatch takes ownership of the space. This and Battlecry.