‘Xbox One Elite Console’ appears on Walmart’s Listings

OXCGN: Walmart’s website recently listed (now removed) a new Xbox One console, only titled ‘Xbox One Elite Console’, priced at $499.00USD.

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bondigamer1216d ago

Been holding out for an Xbox One, the backwards compatibility news has got me over the line, but I'm curious to see what this bundle will be, hopefully a bigger HDD and a few games.

aceitman1216d ago

that's an easy one to make out , its an 500 gig xbox one with an elite gamers controller

theRell1216d ago

$350 + $150

Makes sense to me.

1216d ago
UltraNova1216d ago

The console + the elite controller + at least 1TB HDD and a game at $500 would be an awesome deal maybe the best out there.

TheXgamerLive1216d ago

No aceitman,

Its a 1tb HD and an Elite controller. Common sense.

its_JEFF1216d ago

I'm gonna have to agree with the fellas above. MS is doing backward compatibility through software, like with Xbox 360, not through hardware. 1TB and an Elite controller makes the most sense.

Godz Kastro1215d ago

It might be the 1TB w/ Elite controller. The bundle should offer a discount which would be $50 off control or X1. However you want to look at it.

XanderZane1215d ago

Yup, most likely. They should throw in either Halo: MCC or make it a 1TB HDD with it. The Elite controller is already too expensive as it is.

Nick_5151215d ago

Yeah, but unless it comes with the original controller, also, then it's more expensive. Maybe it comes with some other extras to make up for the price increase. We'll see.

neoandrew1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Software - always, but they have hardware virtualization, the xbox 360 on xone is a virtual machine with hardware virtualization.

$350 + $150

Nah, if it is a bundle it should be cheaper than buying separately, my guess 1tb disk.

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Xavior_Reigns1216d ago

Hold till Black Friday dude, no matter how good some bundles, deals, etc may seem now, it'll be better then. For example, bundle plus games, plus giftcard. Same goes for peeps wanting a PS4, unless you just want it now.

Tumaras1216d ago

Microsoft has been pushing big deals on xbones for awhile, so if you don't have one already I'd agree waiting for black friday if you can. Even without waiting for bf, you should be able to get some combination of $100 worth off or more on a bundle if you look around. Everywhere is doing some combination of free game, trade-in bonus, free gift card, etc.

22CobraKing1216d ago

The bad thing is bundles in Black Friday go by so fast.

GameForever1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

It's a 1TB Xbox One with an Elite controller. It will have a 1 TB hard drive because you will not be getting the regular controller that normally comes with the $349.99 system.

Good deal for the people that want the elite controller and are willing to pay $499.99 for the system, plus it will probably have a free game.

kenmid1216d ago

lol, so many disagree

Magicite1216d ago

that BC thing is a marketing ploy, only handful of games are available and they suffer from terrible performance (according to DF).

jerjef1216d ago

It's in beta right now. The official public release isn't until this holiday season so naturally the selection will be limited and possibly buggy.

ELE_Victim1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

It's really amusing to watch you trolls downplay BC using ONE game (Mass Effect) that OCCASIONALLY drops fps in a BETA feature that won't be out for months.

Laff out loud.

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obener1216d ago

Strange why they wouldn't announce it at E3 if it was something new!?!

aceitman1216d ago

Gamecom is a few weeks away

NeverHeavyMan1216d ago

Gamescom is over a month and a half away. So, I agree, seems a bit surprising that we heard nothing about it last week.

kraenk121216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Microsoft urgently needs a push in Europe more than the U.S.. They are desperately behind and it makes perfect sense they will use this bundle and other price reductions as advertising on Gamescom.

poppinslops1216d ago

Apparently they've saved a bunch of their heavy-hitters for Gamescom... Gameplay reveals for Scalebound, Crackdown and ReCore are all but guaranteed, along with another Quantum Break demo/release date.

I'm assuming this Elite Xbox comes with a 1Tb hard-drive, a pro controller and either Halo and/or Forza... I reckon they might also do a Tomb Raider/Fallout bundle, albiet with a regular controller.

Spencer said they've got more 1st party games to announce, so who knows? Gamescom might be even better than E3.

RocknRolla1216d ago

I would say its the console with that elite controller. Theyre maybe not ready to announce it yet. Seeing as the controller costs $150 ahaha may as well get the console bundle with it.

aceitman1216d ago

Not exactly though,the 349$ bundle comes with a free controller a 64$ cost so unless it comes with one regular controller and 1 elite controller then yes, but if it only comes with one elite controller than ms is being slick and taking the cost of the regular controller for profit.which is a smack in the face to the Xbox community. But in time this will come out and we will see. But hopefully they put both types of controllers in the bundle.

deanypants1216d ago

Sounds like it could be a pretty good deal for people waiting for an Xbone. Wonder if it'll come with any games?

Xavior_Reigns1216d ago

Probably not but for sure during the holidays.

PhoenixUp1216d ago

Raising the price again Microsoft? When will you ever learn

GCO Gamer1216d ago

It sounds like a bundle that feature a HDD.

KwietStorm1216d ago

A bundle that feature a HDD? Did you mean to say something else?

1216d ago
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