5 things we're most excited for in the Final Fantasy 7 remake

GameZone: "The Final Fantasy 7 remake is real, and we can't help but think of all the possibilities for this game. In anticipation of its release, we're putting together the five things we're most excited for."

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masterfox1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

for new gamers who didn't had the chance to play this more than a decade ago, you have no idea the astronomical task SE got into.

I really hope the best for the remake.

Also the picture with Aeris in it is such a lie. :'(

pasta_spice1305d ago

It breaks my heart when I think about how Aeris never got to fly in an airship :(

NukaCola1305d ago

Can't wait to see the mini games redone.

Like grabbing all the balloons while snowboarding. Instead of popping mysterious balloons, why not collect them and just hand them to a kid at the end in a cut scene. LoL. Never understood that one.

Snookies121305d ago

Maybe I'll finally beat that last dude in boxing on the remake! Lol, all jokes aside, I can't wait to raise chocobos again! I hope they add some of the other colors in as potential breeds. I always wanted a white one when I'd see it in races...

-Gespenst-1305d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I can't imagine they'll include the snowboarding mini-game. The compilation games are definitely more realistic. It's hard to imagine Cloud whipping out a snowboard from nowhere and arbitrarily popping balloons. The original game could get away with that kind of cartoonish discontinuity, but with the Compilation, the world of VII was made much more realistic and grounded (relatively speaking), so those kinds of videogame-y asides kind of wouldn't fit. I'm not saying those things are bad or anything, but it'd be surreal if they were included in this remake, and I don't think surreal is what SE are aiming for. That said I'm really looking forward to how they handle the whole snowfield / Gaia's Cliff part.

Also Super looking forward to the underwater reactor, the sunken Gelnika with the weird "Unknown" enemies, and the desert prison in Corel. God there's so many more parts I'm looking forward to actually - too many to list here.

Also also, I wonder how they'll handle the Fort Condor section?

savaroth1304d ago

Cissnei ( Crisis Core ) should make a brief appearance. :)

1304d ago