NeoGaf's E3 2015 Awards: Horizon: Zero Dawn Trumps Uncharted 4 for Top Spot

Influential gaming super-forum NeoGaf has (like the rest of us) been keeping a close eye on E3 2015. Naturally, then, thousands of forum users have taken to the digital polls to give their verdict on what impressed the most over the course of E3 week. As always, it's interesting and fun to see what the number one gaming forum thinks of the upcoming games we'll all be playing in the not-so-distant future.

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Majin-vegeta1266d ago

Maybe cuz we already know UC4 will be a masterpiece.Glad to see people are being so supportive of this new IP.Now if they would open up pre orders so I could secure my copy we be fine and dandy.

Nirvana315911266d ago

They opened preorders for this game a few days ago. Already preordered my copy from Amazon

Abash1266d ago

I can't choose between Horizon and Uncharted 4, but luckily I don't have to since I'll be playing both!

MyDietEqualsGames1266d ago

I feel that. I preordered like 300+ bucks worth of games from Beths FO4 reveal to the end of E3.

Horizon was one of those games I locked in. :D

mikeslemonade1266d ago

Nice.. finally a list where Fallout 4 is not on top. Glad I'm not one of the fewer people that think that Fallout 4 has too many people drinking the koolaid.

rextraordinaire1266d ago

It was part of E3SAVE30. Pre ordered mine with a nice discount! :)

ChronoJoe1266d ago

Got my preorder for this the day after we saw it on stage. That preorder was at Game.

Ezz20131266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Yes, We already know Uncharted 4 was coming and it will be amazing since we already saw First Gameplay demo in Playstation XP which was amazing
and E3 demo was incredible in every way possible and heart bounding

Horizon however took every one by surprise
No one saw it coming
that's why it got more votes
and i'm more than fine with that
My favorite 3 games from E3 got the most votes
and it happens that all of them are Ps4 exclusives
Itt's all about quality.

since both Uncharted 4/Horizon E3 demo let my jaw hit the floor big time

But i will have to say this though
remember guys E3 awards means nothing...TLOU got nothing at E3 and Titanfall got alot of awards
and look at how things turns out at the end for both
that's why i don't put much faith in E3 awards

From the article :
"To be honest, it’s a little disappointing to see the likes of Gears of War and Halo 5 not even make the top ten of the list, but that’s NeoGaf for you, folks."

ahh..i see why now why the editor of this article is mad.

3-4-51266d ago

* I actually liked most of the new IP's I saw this year from all the dev's. It's at least good to see some being made.

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DanzoSAMA1266d ago ShowReplies(6)
wakeNbake1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

This game looks way better than Uncharted 4. Not dissing UC4 it looks great but I personally would get alot more out of this game.

Griever1266d ago

Horizon is an open-world RPG and Uncharted 4 is an action TPS. How are they comparable? It is like saying Michael Jordan is a better player than Tiger Woods. They are apple and oranges.

mkis0071266d ago

Have you seen Tiger lately?

VsAssassin1266d ago

Though I really liked what i saw of Horizon, i wouldn't go saying it trumps UC on the graphics front. ND and the team are masters of their craft and they blew me away with what they showed at the conference. There's no need to bash UC for Horizon. They're quite different games.

Blastoise1266d ago

The Uncharted trailer was awesome. Really impressive graphics, so detailed & seems a bit more open than before too

SynestheticRoar1266d ago

Naughty Dog are the top dogs. Plain and simple.

Veneno1257d ago

Guerrilla Games are the top Gorillas

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