Street Fighter V: Watch Over an Hour of Gameplay from E3 2015

Here is over an hour of gameplay of Street Fighter V, from the tournament held at E3.

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Nirvana315911213d ago

PS4 is the undisputed king of fighting games this gen

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Brisco1213d ago

Haha this fool again.

comebackkid98911213d ago

What would you recommend for an arcade stick, Hori or Mad Catz? Will replace balltop with battop either way.

Sitdown1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

What are the current fighting games at retail that the ps4 has? What all fighting games are there really this generation in general?

With that said, I'm ready for its release.

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Rookie_Monster1207d ago

No PC is. SFV and KI are both on PC. Hahaha

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Deathdeliverer1213d ago

I watched hours of gameplay during e3. The pro players mini round robins showed so much depth and plenty of options. Seeing different players takes on how to use the same character was a blast. So far I think I'm going with Nash. Bison looks cool as hell to me though for the first time ever and I've been on the series since the original SF. (SF2 for him) Day damn one. A week of vacation will be dedicated to this games beta and another to the full release. The hype is real.

Akuma2K1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I watched every E3 SF5 gameplay vid on youtube and i'm still watching them, i'm looking forward to the faster more offensive paced gameplay of SF5 and with more damage being taken from each hit not only do you have worry about your health bar but also your stun bar as well......not to mention making the best use of your V-trigger and when to strike with your critical art super move.

The thing i like most is that when you perform a critical art super move on your opponent and your V-trigger is active it makes your critical art super much more powerful and does much more damage than normal.

I can hardly wait for the beta next month and get a taste of the next gen SF, 5 days isn't enough beta time but hey i'm not

PS3gamer4life1213d ago

Im glad the perry system is back