Now Sony's admitted to partnering Shenmue 3, that Kickstarter is a big problem

GamesRadar says, "There's little doubt that Sony is helping to pay for Shenmue 3. If a decent chunk of the company's own money wasn't on the line, why would it desire that fan commitment? So working on the basis that Sony is paying, why was it deemed acceptable to run the Kickstarter as it was run, and only reveal this partnership after public money had been accrued via some very large personal donations?"

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TheGreatGamer1213d ago

Still can't shake how shady this 'kickstarter' has been. In my view, kickstarter is a platform for smaller devs who haven't got deals with big companies and actually need help from the public. You want to gauge people's interest Sony? Do a survey

ShinMaster1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

The thing about surveys is that talk is cheap. The Kickstarter funding spoke volumes for its demand.

Also, the original Shenmue cost over $50 million. It might be cheaper today, but $2 or $3 million wouldn't have been enough.

Also, a lot of what Sony will be covering is marketing which costs a lot more than that.

Mr Pumblechook1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

It's not shady. Sony and investors needed to gauge demand for a new Shenmue. If the target was hit they would invest. It also helped generate excitement at the conference. Does the idiot from Gamesradar honestly believe a new open world game would only cost $2 million?!

If anyone is unhappy they can cancel their Kickstarter pledge, although the funding is actually getting higher. But this is muckraking gutter journalism. Trying to turn such a great positive, bringing back a beloved franchise, into a negative just for the sake of some cheap hits. Sadly there is mileage to be made from being negative and dumping on game makers.

Check the delighted reaction videos to see if the fans are happy about this. I'm guessing the amateur who wrote this cheap spiel prefers playing on something else... But whatever console you prefer a game is coming back that some gamers have been begging for, for years and it is because of this Sony YS partnership. This is a great thing!

blackblades1213d ago

Pretty much what you said talk is cheap, kickstarter is prof that people actually do want it.

freshslicepizza1213d ago

so tell me, what if they want to make the game for nintendo's new system or the xbox one, will sony still partner itself still? it looks to me like sony is abusing what kickstarter is suppose to be and should stay out of it now that it has reached it's goals.

Eonjay1213d ago

Because Sony is not paying for development. I don't see why this is so difficult to understand. There involvement was a PR stunt.

I feel like at this point Yu could come out and make a point blank statement in front of the world (he already did on Famitsu) and people still wouldn't get it.

The Earth is not flat, and Sony is NOT funding the development of this game.

Jaw1love1213d ago

That's such a nonsense defense though. "Ohh we need to see if people actually will buy this game, so we are asking that you donate 2 million dollars to fund something that may or may not come out before the end of this console generation."
It's a much greater risk for Sony or anyone to pour millions of dollars into a new IP, but I don't remember seeing any kickstarter campaigns to gauge the interest of The Order or Bloodborne or Horizon. So let's stop saying that Sony was just conducting market research, seeing if there was a demand. Sony is a giant multinational corporation - they can gauge peoples interest without asking the consumer to fork over 2 mil for something that isn't even guaranteed to be made.

Nirvana315911213d ago

I secured my copy for $29. I'm not complaining at all. Besides Sony and Suzuki has explained several times why they went to Kickstarter but people don't want to read up facts instead they'd rather talk about how "shady" this is. Smh

Go to YT and search "Shenmue dojo". They uploaded several videos explaining exactly this

Charybdis1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

@ Mr Pumblechook
Well they could have just launched the kickstarter by themselves. Now we have a kickstarter which seemingly has been used as a marketing ploy.
With the game also being funded by a big game publisher it might get murky with how much say the fans of this project will have,choices including: the platforms which the game might be available at,when and in what kinda state the game will release etc.
*edit. They should have at least mentioned something on the lines that despite having a partnership they want or need more money from their fans, because of partial funding or whatever the deal is

Griever1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Man, these journalist make a controversy out of anything. I bet that most of the people who are crying that they were deceived and the game did not needed a kickstarter did not donate a single dollar. The guys who actually contributed are more than happy. I do not see those two guys who contributed $10,000 crying about it anywhere on social media. Everyone is just happy that they are getting the game after all these years.

It is the people's money; let them do they what they want. Suzuki-san said that he wanted people's help to save the game and it was the truth. He needed to prove there was interest in the game. If nobody contributed or just a few did, do you think the game would have gone forward?? I wonder how much the author contributed who is so angry about the alleged "deception." This is just concern-trolling at its best.

XabiDaChosenOne1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Its simple really, Horizon and Bloodborne are Sony owned IPs, Shenmue is not.

-Common sense


For all of you guys that say Sony is just "gauging interest".... Ok you see that there is 3 million dollars worth of interest from fans and the game is CLEARLY worth the those who invested their money back, since you have tested the market for interest and see that there is plenty of it!!!

johndoe112111213d ago


"but I don't remember seeing any kickstarter campaigns to gauge the interest of The Order or Bloodborne or Horizon"

That has to be one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever seen on N4G.

Cueil1213d ago

it'll likely pass double digit millions... I see no reason why they need Sony at all... they are only funding the PS4 version

Jaw1love1213d ago


uhh why? If people are saying that the Kickstarter was simply a way of gauging interest in the game before Sony put their money into it, then surely it would make more sense for Sony to run a kickstarter (or expensive way of gauging fans interest) for their unknown and untested IPs, and not a cult classic like Shenmue

23Hanlon1213d ago

If anyone thinks what Sony did with Senmue is fine you need a class in Buisness. Sony is profiting off of you funding this and if you dont see how your blind.

Death1213d ago

Unless you only contributed $5, you are essentially pre-ordering the game. I see no problem with this even if Sony decides to invest into development. This is being blown way out of proportion.

Cupid_Viper_31213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

@ 23Hanlon

I'm pretty skeptical about the community's ability to adhere to facts, but here is a youtube video (4 minutes long) with Adam Boyes explaining the backdrop to shemnue 3's kickstarter thing.

For those of you who wont bother watching, he basically explains that it would have taken quite of bit of time to try and convince Sony execs and others to greenlight the project and put up the development money(he mentions 9 months to a year). Or there is the kickstarter route that allows the development side of the project to begin as soon as "we the gamers" assume the risk and invest in the game.

As stated on the kickstarter page itself, pay $30.00 and you're guaranteed a digital copy of the game. That very much sounds like a preorder to me.

Shenmue has always been a niche title, meaning that a return on investment may never happen. There's also a whole lot of you guys who gets on here every three months (quarterly earnings report) to remind people that Sony as whole is not doing too well financially. So it's a little baffling that so many of you don't seem understand how this is a win-win situation for Sony.

They leave the funding of the development up to the gamers themselves. Meaning "we" decide if we want a 2 million dollar Shenmue, or $10 million dollar open-world Shenmue. And whatever we decide, Sony will back the marketing for whatever we decide, which is safer for them.

As you can see, Sony doesn't mind fully backing Final Fantasy 7 as it is a 10 million plus selling game. You can compare that to Shenmue's numbers that are rumored to be a little bit above a million units.

MyDietEqualsGames1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

The game is going to be made and Sony is backing it. What more do people want? It's pathetic. It also seems to me that the majority of the people bitching about it are people who didn't even invest, won't play it or sore that it's not multi, or all of the above.

I backed it twice for 2 digital copies. I feel things will work themselves out, as they usually do when a game is being made.

Once this kickstarter ends, your money is theirs. So if you have second thoughts, get your refunds. The game is happening with or without you. (minority)

Gority1213d ago


Sony is paying to port the PC version to the PS4. So you are correct in saying they aren't paying for development. They are also paying for marketing as well. Just to clarify things.

1213d ago
UltraNova1213d ago

Well I guess MS funding Titanfall's development behind closed executive doors with no gamer community involved what so ever wasn't shady at all? It wasnt shady at all when some accepted that excuse "forgetting" to ask this simple question: Ehmm why wont EA back the game they will publish?

And by the way if people who gave serious money (above $30) to help Shemnue's kickstarter will eventually get a free copy of the game what's the problem if the game is backed by a major publisher which effectively guarantees a better game? A niche, low volume game at that!

UnHoly_One1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Keep in mind, Sony or not, Kickstarter can't guarantee that you even get anything that you pledge for.

I've backed 4 projects on kickstarter. Two of them I received (late), the other two are years behind schedule and no longer giving regular updates. I'm out about 850 bucks.

I would think it would be safe to assume that sort of thing wouldn't happen in this case, but I'm just saying there are no guarantees, and I'll never give another dime to kickstarter.

DemonChicken1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

this article is so much lol i don't know where to start.

As people mentioned about gauging interest - I agree. Did you guys consider how risky developing a game is nowadays? Taking into consideration the prior 2 shenmue's high development costs and sales not up to expectations. Plus this is the third game - many people have not played Shenmue 1 and 2 so may not interested in 3. Adding to the fact these 2 games are pretty much inaccessible (unless [insert reasons here - roms, eBay, etc]), is there a guaranteethat this game game will do well based on the current fanbase? So yeah pretty risky if you look at the historical data which is all we have.

To add it's not like the people donating isn't getting anything back. Is a $29 digital game not worth it considering crazy digital prices?

Do not know why the doom and gloom articles (same with FF7 Remake), we should be glad these kinds of things are happening and the gamers are being listened too (Hello Sega /s) so why are people trying to downplay and bitch at every opportunity available. Move on and post more worthy news articles not this crap. A+ for $h!tty journalism.

Dee_911212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

If its really just to gage public interest, then all that money should be refunded now that they see theres a huge interest in the game.No matter how you twist it, fans shouldn't fund a game in development that's partnered with a multi-billion dollar corporation.The only funding by fans should come when the game is released.
I had no idea they were also getting funded by Sony.I thought the partnership was Sony paying for console exclusivity and marketing.

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Lucreto1213d ago

If they do a survey anyone can contribute to it. I could suggest it should be a cover based Third Person Shooter.

This way fans are more than likely back it and are financially invested in keeping it true to what they want.

princejb1341213d ago

maybe they doing it because they have no faith that shenmue 3 will sell well
that way say they built it their losses won't be huge
but they have to understand that the first 2 shenmue were on dreamcast not the playstation
playstation gamers have a lot more loyal fans than dreamcast did back in the day

Petebloodyonion1213d ago

You're talking about Yu Suzuki, the Sega's Miyamoto
If Shenmue is such a cult it's because of the core Sega fans who followed him and played the game.

Cause I don't remember back in the Ps2 fans praising this game when it came out...
Actually I remember them making fun of the lift race and the QTE.

Godz Kastro1213d ago

I still can't believe Sony had the audacity to bring someone up on stage and ask for kick starter.really embarrassing imo for both sides.more so for Sony. Really weird

Serg1213d ago


Ok enough with the ignorant circlejerk.

Read this and eat this uninformed drivel you wrote yourself.

Sony is giving them all the help they are willing to accept.

Crimzon1213d ago

I don't think it was embarrassing at all, but now that we know that Sony basically used E3 as a platform to ask fans to fund a game they were already funding? It certainly leaves a bad taste, that's for sure.

Considering the lack of games this year, locking multiplayer gaming behind the PS+ paywall, and ditching backwards compatibility in favor of charging insane prices for people to play the games they already own? I'm starting to lose a lot of respect for Sony as a company, they're going the way of Microsoft.

Either way you slice it, that "For the players" marketing logo has been complete BS. They're turning into a really slimy and exploitative company.

Bathyj1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

You know it was Suzuki who insisted on doing it through Kickstarter right? He shopped the game around until he found a publisher he could work with. This was the publisher and this was the way he was willing to do it.

What I cant believe is that the game has finally been announced after so many years of pleading, and us gamers, terrible people that we are, still need to find negative aspects to focus on. Actually I said that wrong. I can totally believe it.


Sony used Kicksters to gauge demand not fund a game. Kicker starter isnt funding anything. The original Shenmue cost $50 to make. In the 90's. The couple million theyre getting from Kickstarter is probably barely going to pay Suzuki's personal fee.

Lack of games? I still have plenty to play. Yes Uncharted is disappointing and left a big hole. That cant be helped. Uncharted Collection helps because Ive been waiting for exactly that to play it again. I had games to play in the first half of the year too, not just the last. This drum you guys are beating is getting tiresome. You havent had a AAA release since last November and that was a broken remaster. When the next one comes out it will be near a year between drinks and then all your games come at once, so unless Xbone players are going to buy 4 or 5 games at Christmas they will likely cannibalize each others sales. Not that sales bother me. I just want games all year round.

The paywall? Youre going to go there? Sony are scum for following Microsofts lead? Are they supposed to just sit back for another generation financially hurting and watching their competitor get rich and grow strong off a strategy thats working (for some stupid reason)? If you want to assign blame, blame MS for making it normal. Blame X360 gamers for putting up with it.

They never had backwards compatibility so you cant ditch something you never had i ever intended to have. If youre half intelligent you know the reason why. Remember? Cell? Its exotic, weird and difficult? Never mind.

Finally, I doubt you ever had respect for Sony cos you never show it. You certainly never had a lot of it so you couldnt have lost a lot of it.

God, how can one person get so much wrong in one paragraph?

Godz Kastro1213d ago


Yeah, all the help except for financial backing :/

Morpheuzpr1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


That's because xbone fanboys are willing to ride any sony hate bus even if there's a dildo waiting for them on the seat. Anyone with two brain cells to rub each other knew exactly what was happening when they announced the kickstarter for the game.

All this outrage culture bs is nothing but them enjoying their dildo equipped seats.

Cupid_Viper_31213d ago

@ God Castro and Crimson.

I have a few questions for you guys. At E3 this year Phil Spencer famously said that MS won't charge players for games they already own. Yet at that same conference they announced Gears of War Remastered, and some 6-8 months ago they released Halo MCC to rave reviews. Could you guys give me thoughts on that?

Secondly, my wife and I spent a few hours digging into the whole shenmue 3 kickstarter thing, and it seems that if you donated $30 or more, you are guaranteed a digital copy of the game. Can you please explain to me why that is a slimmy and exploitative move by the company.

And lastly, Sony has included backward compatibility from launch in all of the successor console up until the PS4. It appears that they would have more factual data as to how many people use the feature vs how much it cost to have it. They tested that out with the PS3 at great cost to them, and it sales data suggest that people would rather have a cheaper console than a more expensive one with BC. So given this fact, they released the cheaper yet more powerful console than MS.

The PS4's architecture is vastly different than that of PS3's cell-based architecture. We also know that Sony had a lot of game developers' input go into the design if the PS4. Was Sony supposed to ignore the feedbacks of the many game developers when making the PS4, so that people could play stop playing PS3 games on their PS3s and play them on the PS4 instead?

Sitdown1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


Man, you are trying too hard. Nobody owns the Gears of War remastered.... It's REMASTERED. Same thing with the Master Chief Collection. You might have a semi-point with the Rare collection, but everyone knows he was talking about Xbox 360 games, and clearly this include more than Xbox 360 games, and if you own those titles, you don't have to pay for them. I failed to read the rest of your post, because your first paragraph alone was sad enough.

Okay, went back and did finish reading your post. For the most part I agree with your other sentiments... Especially your second paragraph, when though I would prefer a physical copy. Not to mention, what some might consider valuable perks like getting your name in the credits.

starman1213d ago

Yeah it was joke, sony is on top and still being cheap as can be.

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Agent_00_Revan1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I thought this was known from the start. I felt it was pretty obvious the moment they announced it during Sony's conference. Does every one think Sony just decided to give free advertising to the campaign?

Did anyone think they were going to make the game off the $2 million they were asking for? SOMEONE was backing the rest of the bill.

Bloodstained just did the exact same thing, yet I don't see an article about how 'shady' that one was.

These game makers want to make games, they hunt around for funding, find someone interested, but the investors want some assurances on demand. So they drop it on Kickstarter to gauge demand and collect a percentage of the bill.

TwoForce1213d ago

I argee that. Everyone have their choice to make, but it can bring risky and very questionable decisions.

SweatyFlorida1213d ago

Exactly. Pretty much the only difference between bloodstained and this, is that Sony showed Shenmue on their stage. That's all.

If people really want to be anal about the whole deal, just think of it as Shenmue being a PS4 exclusive, and the kickstarter is to get a PC port, as well as cheaper price for the game on both systems. I'd bet is Sony did something similar with bloodborne, that they will port it over to PC if they see demand, people will fund it. Petitions or surveys don't do shit, money talks.

Hoffmann1213d ago

Surveys are not really indicative.

700p1213d ago ShowReplies(9)
joab7771213d ago

Actually, I think Kickstart ed should be for anyone as long as those who donate get what they are promised.

What if Kojima wants to make his next game w/ it? We all know how expensive he can get. MANY Kickstarters have backers who want to simply see how much money can be raised (ie. Support) b4 they kick in the other 3/4 of the budget. So, Kojima offers you a part in the game for 50k. You spend it and you get it. And others do to. Then, after awhile, he gets the game to a previous alpha state and MS jumps in and says, "We got ya buddy, we like and want this game." I don't see a problem w/ this as long as EVERYONE who donated got exactly what was promised them.

It may actually allow many great minds to set off on their own, and yet still attempt to make bigger budget games. And best of all, instead of being conceived in a publishers office, it's conceived by the artists, and either rejected Ted or accepted well into development.

Also, Sony could have just funded the whole thing. Maybe they wanted to see how much support their really was. If this is true, and I really hope it is, imagine what we could see in the future if we are loud enough.

showtimefolks1213d ago

Kickstarter for this game was to gauge the interst. Whether we think it's shady or not.

So I am glad Sony Atleast gave this game some time during their press conference, so now they will be finding it too. That's how it will remain a console exclusive(still come to pc)

Look at it this way so many of us wanted this game, both Nintendo and Ms had an opportunity to help make she me 3 but bottom line is soNY stepped up.

At e3 we got

The last guardian to start the show
and shenmue 3

IMO that's an amazing e3 conference.

DarXyde1213d ago

Kickstarters are more efficient because you're literally PLEDGING funding.

Additionally, surveys are biased towards people willing to take surveys and it doesn't say much about people actually willing to get the game made. It could be a matter of "oh, well, more games are never bad. Sure, I'll say they should make it".

It's like telling someone they should throw a party and not bothering to show up.

stuna11213d ago

I actually think Kickstarter was a great ideal! Polls can be inaccurate for starter, what do you think gaming sites that allows gamer reviews!? They in actuality just polling sites, where anyone and their momma could write a review and it affected the games reception.

Kickstarter is a pretty solid way of gauging a games viability in the market by who are willing to invest into its initial production goals monetary wise. To think about it it's possible to jumpstart a lot of titles that thus have been hanging in limbo.

Most if not all kickstarter projects mention the supporter in the credits, but as an added bonus they could allow successful kickstarter projects supporters a reduced puchasing price. Kickstarter's can fully or partially fund game developing for certain projects dependent on the viability of what's being funded as well as take the excess monetary load off of struggling developers.

IIFloodyII1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Sony aren't funding development, Yu Suzuki has said most of the money will come from Kickstarter. What Sony will be doing is advertising it when it's done.

IIFloodyII1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )
What the sensationalist media and Xbox fanboys don't want you to know. Multiple sources from Sony and the development team debunking the false story that Sony are funding development.

Awaits the disagrees from said people, without any of them being able to counter what I said.

rainslacker1213d ago


So what you're saying is that the shameful acts of the "journalist" and current forum goers who want to react without getting the facts could actually be harful to the game since some people will end up believing this is being fully funded by Sony.

In other words, it's irresponsible journalism. Forum goers, fair enough, fan boys exists, but from a website which is supposed to be supporting the industry, and representing the gamers, but does neither in the name of their own self interest of nothing more than a few advertising dollars from hits. Great job mainstream gaming media.

GameForever1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I don't see what is shady about the Kickstarter for this game. My guess is that Kickstarter money is for the PC port and that Sony is funding the majority of the PS4 development. Sony doesn't want to fund the PC build, Sony doesn't want to fund a game entirely unless they own the IP. Sony is not the only partner in this. Also Sony did do a survey on what older franchise people would like to see brought back. Shenmue was either number one or high on the list. The Kickstarter is fully funded in fact it was funded (2 Million) in less than 24 hours and nearing 4 million today, in fact they broke kickstarter records. That shows a great deal of demand.

From what I gather from interviews they were working on setting up a kickstarter for this game for a couple years and it was probably just for PC. By partnering with Sony and them announcing it at E3 helped to get the game funded much quicker.

I saw a couple interviews with Corsi and he never said anything about kickstarter being used to measure interest in the game. they already new their was High interest int he game.

Morgue1213d ago

I'm just stoked this happening regardless.

trywizardo1213d ago

I just have a question , why does everybody says they need to reach 10 to reach 60m
and how does a AAA game only requires 10m to be fully funded and open world

rainslacker1213d ago

It requires more. From the sounds of it, Ys Net has secured a set amount of fudning from sources besides Sony. Sony is helping to pay for marketing for the game, and in some way are supporting the development of the PS4 version.

So, lets say at the present time, they have 30 million in private backer support, 20 million from Sony(not including marketing), and 3 million in KS backers. That's 53 million dollars. So to get to 60 million they need another 7 million from KS.

To go full AAA(with open world) would require 10 million from KS, and at 5 million Sukuki would be able to implement something he really wants to do(but doesn't state what it is). Basically the backers approved what can be done up to say 50 million, the KS at this point beyond showing interest, is to get other features added, and possibly to incentivize other backers.

aquaticDonut1213d ago

Then I've got bad news for you, bro. Because that's not how it works. Most Kickstarter games are partnered with larger investor corporations. Kickstarter in general is more for devs who need a little extra that their partner won't fork over or for gauging interest. It's actually quite bizzare for a game, like Star Citizen, for instance, to be completely publicly funded.

Bobertt1213d ago

It is to see how many people are actually willing to buy the game. I believe Shenmue 2 budget was 70 million and was one of the most expensive games back then so im guessing that put off publishers cause sales might not make up enough profit. Now its been 14 years and while all of the fans from before have requested it I can only imagine that its budget will be even higher now from inflation. It could cost as much as AAA games now. It will need new fans too to make a profit. I think its fine if Sony is going to fund the rest of the game if enough people want it on kickstarter. The most I believe anything has gotten on kickstarter is $15 million and there is no way that would be enough to make it with all the features if it needs 10 million to be true open world game. Also the developer wanted to make 4 or 5 games if fans like number 3 and then they will need publisher. Plus if they didn't have a kickstarter you wouldn't be able to get digital edition for $30, all the collectables or get the Ryo's Jacket. Also there is no rule that kickstarter is only for indie developers, it's for who ever needs the money. If a guy could get $55,000 to make potato salad on kickstarter anyone can put what they want.

wsoutlaw871213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I don't think this is a big deal at all. They explained them selves. Whos the idiots that think a game costs $2m to make? Kingdom Come Deliverance has the same funding structure, and i backed. Kickstarter isn't donating your money to them, it's basically paying money for the rewards. For 30$ you get the game. Its preordering except giving the money directly to the devs instead of gamestop. If they weren't clear about where the dev money is coming from then it would be unfair, but they weren't. All the info is obtainable from their ks page so for those of you who seem confused, check it out.

Zeref1213d ago

Don't forget that the game is coming to PC as well. Sony probably just bought timed console exclusivity.

rainslacker1213d ago

I think when you're putting up 30-50 million dollars of your own money, plus likely more for marketing, you can decide what criteria you want to set up to commit that sum.

It's not like the KS backers aren't getting anything for their money. They get a copy of the game, and some goodies depending on the tier. They aren't losing out on anything, and it seems no one that donated minds that there is enough funding behind this game to give it the AAA treatment. Heck, Sony is still taking a risk, as even if 50K people commit to the game, it doesn't mean they'll make back their money for AAA development, but it does ease the risk analysis.

Also, forum goers are extremely vocal, and despite there being a lot of people who say they want the game, it doesn't mean that the game is mainstream, or that it would see better success than it originally did, which isn't much commercially.

SegaGamer1213d ago

It's such a shame so many people have to ruin what is a positive thing.

Us Shenmue fans have wanted this for so long, it's now going to happen, but once again parts of the gaming community keep up their pessimistic behaviour.

XBOTTOX1213d ago Show
thekhurg1213d ago

Apparently you're new to kickstarter.

A lot of games have publishing support on kickstarter, but there is a requirement that the game make "X" amount of dollars on kickstarter for the developer to get that publisher's money.

This is nothing new in the industry at all. For instance:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was in the same situation. Once they reached their milestones in kickstarter, their publisher wrote the check for the rest.

Picnic1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Surveys mean relatively little. And no matter how much someone intends to play Shenmue 3 it doesn't mean that they'll buy it, rather than borrow it from a friend, and it doesn't mean that if they ever give their own copy that they won't wait until/if it comes down significantly in price.

Unless the Kickstarter page has ever mislead anyone in to thinking that Shenmue 3 might come to Xbox One at the same time, there's no misleading. Sony, like any single member of the public, is allowed to give its own donation of it wishes. If that's a deciding factor in which platforms the game comes to, that's Shenmue 3's creator's decision.

If Sony always intended to back the project, it doesn't mean that it's not contingent on having 100% guarantee of backing from the public too. It's not a huge amount of shadiness at all- it's Sony essentially testing the waters before deciding whether or not to make a donation. The original games cost a fortune to make- it can't be entered in to lightly.

I hope for Microsoft's sake that they consider doing the same Kickstarter attempt for a Jet Set Radio Future 2.

MoveTheGlow1212d ago

God, I wish *someone* would do that for JSRF2, even if it means buying the rights.

LordMaim1212d ago

Shady? BS. You didn't see Koji Igarashi get this kind of scrutiny about Bloodstained. Polygon even labeled it as "business as usual"

Is it suddenly "shady" for Shenmue to make use of Kickstarter because it isn't coming to Xbox One?

MoveTheGlow1212d ago

He did get that scrutiny from independent developers, actually. They cried foul on the amount he asked for, saying it contributes to a public misunderstanding of the costs of game creation. They were wrong - that video he made was very, very clear on what the Kickstarter was for, as is Shenmue 3.

modelgod1212d ago

@TheGreatGamer considering the amount of money that each individual shelled out, if it's indeed at least $10,000, if they can psychically "PROVE" that funding was already/secretly available by sony,there should be no reason why those individuals can't file a claim and become official " Investors" and now profit off of the future sales(which will be high but the game will suck, have we forgotten that there actually was a shenmue 2?) Of The game. Trust me, I'm a marketing major.

hkgamer1212d ago

I think they should have been a little more transparent with this kickstarter.

igavania was very transparent about other investors backing it.

However, I think most shenmue fans knew that kickstarter was just a small amount of funding for the game development and other investors was going to support it.

Would also liek to say that the whole point they did this kickstarter was to get the hardcore fans to pay more than $100 a game. I haven't funded it yet but I am looking at $120-$500. which I wouldnt have paid if I went to the shop.

I also think that thie game wouldn'tt sell much when released because all the fans that want it has already bought it.

shodai1212d ago

people should be thankful that it was a kickstarter, at least the PC community. Because if it wasnt, and Sony was totally funding this, it would never make it to PC. Im a PS fan and has a PS4 since launch but Im no fanboy, so let me get this straight to you, there are multiple reasons to use a kickstarter in this case and it was the best option for sony and Yu (the dev who requested the money)

1st) to see interest, money talks better than surveys and its not as if people who back it are getting nothing, 29$ ur getting a copy of the game of what most likely will be a 60$ game, so I would say its a good deal for them

2nd) It allows the dev freedom to port it to PC, and not gove full power to sony over this game.

3rd) creative freedom, need I say more...

subtenko1212d ago

NO, its the gauge the interest and see if the investment will me worth it (they cant make a game and no one buy it. That waste their time and a lot of devs time they could be with their family and working on other things making a living.

How is it 'shady' when you gotta buy the game anyway? A bunch of talk about nothin is what this is. Stop trying to make a big deal about it... Its paying off a game early, preordering...and you could possibly get extra incentives like a discounted price n stuff

SirBradders1212d ago

How is it shady when your getting rewarded for your donation. Also what everyone else said. Don't be hating on a company trying to bring back a legendary game.