What We Want (And Don’t Want) From The Final Fantasy VII Remake


In a surprising E3 announcement, Square Enix and Sony revealed that the Final Fantasy VII remake is happening. This is a practically miraculous development for fans who have been hoping for such a project ever since the PS3 “tech demo” shown at E3 2005. Now that it’s officially happening, we can start speculating about the form it will take.

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Jaqen_Hghar1217d ago

This guy gets it. There needs to be more modern combat

NukaCola1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It should be turn based but revamped. I don't want it playing like another action RPG. Maybe something that lets you divi up attack points to use materia or weapons in different ways. And definitely no more suprise fights.

Personally if they could revamp and integrate an ATB similar to Chrono Trigger, I would flip out in excitement.


WANT: Have a throwback scene where you play the original PS1 version similar to the MGS4's dream of Shadow Moses or the nightmare in Wolfenstein The Old Blood did.

Pozzle1217d ago

I'll be happy as long as we can control more than one character. My main worry with an action-oriented battle system is that we'll only be allowed to control Cloud. :(

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

@Pozzle-oh so you love the Tales series?

mikeslemonade1217d ago

Turn-base, or riot!

Seriously, I can easily see a boycott of the game if there is no turn-base.

DarkBlood1217d ago

Turned Based a thousand times over, i mean us fans of that genre need a game with that type of gameplay there is already going to be an action rpg in the vein of FF15 they do not need to stick that onto the remake.

Adrian_v011217d ago

Us fans? There's also fans who want change.

Quickstrike1216d ago

Those fans are safely in the minority

Lets face it, if Square makes too much of a change, most fans including myself wont buy it.

Adrian_v011216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


Yeah, but square can't count on fans that played the game when it came out. That was 18 years ago. Their goal is to give FF a new image and draw in new fans.

Read the interviews, their goal is not to please old fans but to make FF VII how they always wanted to make it but couldn't, and according to Nomura that is Advent Children battle style. And if you're real, such fast and dynamic battles can't be achieved with turn based combat.

Edit: I don't agree they're a minority. There's just as much likes on comments that favor change as on comments that don't like it. In the end, what fans want doesn't matter. Nomura isn't Tabata to listen to fans and change the game the way they want. He has an idea and he'll chase it till the end.

Quickstrike1216d ago

Yeah because their battle systems after FF X (minus 11 and 14) were so well recieved.

The safest thing they can do is give people the option to choose between a battle system of their choice. Yes it'll take longer to develop, but it'll please most people old and new alike.

If its an action RPG then I wont buy it.

Adrian_v011216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Yeah, after X, both XII and XIII had versions of the ATB battle system, which was used in VII, VIII and IX. XIII changed the ATB system but XII was more or less the same. You had gambits but you still could control all characters. The reason they weren't well received wasn't because of the battle system. The main complaint about XII were weak characters and a weak story, the main complaint about XIII was the long tutorial and endless corridors with no open world, the battle system was one of its better received aspects.

If you say that the change in battle system after X was the thing that made it go downhill then you're ignorant.

Edit: On a funny note, both XII and XIII offered more strategy than the ones before. In XII to survive, you constantly had to think ahead on what your enemy might do to set the gambits right, in XIII, except for regular fights which were boring and mostly finished with just attack in the prior games too, in boss fights you had to constantly keep track of health and status of your party as well as statuses of your opponents to beat them. It's fast strategy and requires far more skill than scrolling through menus in previous FFs.

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Jaqen_Hghar1216d ago

Times have changed. If you put out the same game as what will be 19 years ago it will get blasted for inability to adapt to a modern audience. A man would rather have them keep the story the same, but update the combat to make it make sense with this engine and with these times. Ratchet and Clank Remake is adding stuff from the later games why not FF? A man doesn't prefer to live in the past. They can honor the original with story and atmosphere and summons and stuff that will still be fun in 2016 but they don't need to stick with every little thing just for the sake of preservation (that's what ports are for). This should be a REMADE FF7 that will feel modern while letting a man re-live his childhood memories (and make new ones with a new battle system and summons and such)

sarlucic1217d ago

I wouldn't change the combat at all. And if they do, an option for "classic" combat would be perfect. The only thing I want different is a skip summon cut scene option.

Man_Marmalade1217d ago

I just want to see cloud in a dress lolol

Stringerbell1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

What do I want? All features, characters, spells, and mini games from the original game to be fully present as part of the full game! Dont hold back cherished features as skummy DLC nonsense or store specific BS pre-orders.

Jaqen_Hghar1216d ago

then play the port. This is a remake not a reskin. They should update combat, attacks, summons (keep the most iconic ones of course) and add new stuff so you can create new memories while re-living the old!

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