Bethesda on GTA V's Inspiration for Fallout 4

Creative director Todd Howard at Bethesda Games discusses how they took inspiration from GTA V for Fallout 4.

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yellowgerbil1218d ago

Why do articles like this get approved. They are just copying someone elses interview highlights without offering anything original. Pure Plagiarism. Now I remember why I never click on the link to any articles.

CaptainPunch1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I don't think you even know what plagiarism even means, the source is credited and quoted in the article. So anyone who takes a press release and writes about it is plagiarizing? It's called reporting and paraphrasing. The GameSpot article is even credited here. Bigger outlets like IGN and Polygon quote other interviews all the time, you don't see people giving them shit for it.I Hope you were enlightened buddy.

yellowgerbil1218d ago

whatever helps you sleep at night. you offered up nothing original all you did is quote a fellow site. How bout you put up some commentary on what that MEANS for Fallout or something. Your article is 2 paragraphs 1 of which is a straight quote taken from a competitive site, the other just says where you got it and reiterates the exact same thing.
I may only draw porn comics, but at least I make something, what did you add to this article that is original?

DoctorFry1218d ago


"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Funny you should say that, considering you persisted in making another rebuttal.

Are all articles and reports supposed to be original? Sure he didn't conduct the interview himself, but he's just quoting Bethesda's response to one of the more prominent questions directed toward Fallout 4, being its inspiration derived from GTA V. Why do you think hundreds of gaming blogs report the same thing - it's to cover news. Otherwise there'd be a lackluster amount of content in the media. Not everything's gonna be original. Let's say GTA 6 gets announced - every gaming blog is gonna cover that news. If Rockstar had an interview with some reporters, everyone from your mom's asscrack to kentucky is gonna make an article quoting Rockstar, because it's what people do in this industry.

AND it's still not plagiarism, idiot.

And I don't know if you were trying to make an example or something, but drawing porn comics is sad. Sheesh.

Maltaze1218d ago

I don't really think it matters so long as credit is given where due to be honest.

DoctorFry1218d ago

You clearly don't know what plagiarism is. Plagiarism is taking someone else's work and pawning it off as one's own. The author of this article did no such thing; he paraphrased in his own words, cited the source and quoted, giving full credit to the original source.

CaptainPunch1218d ago

Lol I didn't even write the article just submitted it, another thing you're misinformed about.

yellowgerbil1218d ago

then answer me this. Why didn't you submit the original journalist instead of "crediting" them?
Quit filling this site with worthless articles that offer up nothing original. Say what you will about sites like Kotaku and whatnot at least they do some research and interview people, hell even just post their opinions on games. This article did none of that.
You can disagree with me all you want, but the fact remains, this article has no reason for existing beyond riding on the coat heels of gamespot.

DoctorFry1218d ago


Oh please, quit acting like N4G is a sanctuary for newsworthy articles. Hell, a couple days ago a picture of Uncharted 4's mud got 1,100°.

CaptainPunch1218d ago

Who pissed in your cereal this morning? N4G exists as a hub for sites to post their content. The original interview at GameSpot wasn't solely based on GTA V's influence on Fallout 4, it's pretty obvious if you read the original one. Also I run the site, a contributor submitted it and I put it on N4G, like everyone else here who runs a site. I can give you countless of examples from other sites that credit the original story or interview, just look through the feed on here. Don't act like you need to be original to report on a story, I don't think you know what journalism even is, because you seem pretty ignorant about the whole thing. Didn't think someone would care about something so minuscule, it's just a news story. Anyways have a good day, relax a bit there.

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WizzroSupreme1218d ago

Well, not a bad game to be inspired by at all.

urwifeminder1218d ago

Still have not picked this up yet waiting for a price drop .

thelwebb1001218d ago

Bethesda can't hold Rockstars jock strap!!

formanbradley1218d ago

All I have to say is that if you think this is good journalism, then you need to move on from elementary school.