10 Older PC Games You'll Want to Re-Install Right Now

WASDuk presents a list of seminal PC games that you'll want to stick back on your hard drive ASAP

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CursedHero1268d ago

Awesome write-up. I'm really confused as to why Geobros keeps reporting it though, nothing he's reported applies to the article directly, so...

Arkworthy1268d ago

It's okay. Fixed them both quite some time ago, though..

Rebel_Scum1268d ago

Jones in the fast lane. That is one game I can always revisit.

Agent_hitman1268d ago

My recommendation:

C&C Generals Zero Hour
Yuri's Revenge
Battle Realms

Arkworthy1267d ago

Oh, Yuri's Revenge! So many awesome memories about whole fleets of wobbly flying saucers laying waste to everything!

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