Transformers: Devastation is the Game Fans Have Been Waiting For – Hands-On Preview | AOTF

Transformers might be one of the biggest franchises on the planet today thanks to the Michael Bay films, but those that prefer the original cartoons are the ones receiving what could be the best game adaptation in the series. Coming from Activision and PlatinumGames, Transformers: Devastation looks to be an amazing game by itself, but as an homage to the classic cartoon it is on a whole other level.

The pedigree for Tranformers: Devastation is pretty intense, with voice actors returning from the 1980’s TV show and Andy Schmidt from IDW writing the story. That story will take place before the movie, which places it right after season 2 of the show concludes.

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ps4fanboy1217d ago

Based on cartoon? 100% getting , loved the original cartoon series as a child , always wanted to know what that massive transformer was that optimus and the auto bots found under the ice..can't remember now!

hduce1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Not just any cartoon. Its Transformers Generation One! A stateside game based on this property is long overdue. I will definitely give this game a shot.

jokerisalive1217d ago

love the look with the cell shaded graphics style.

MetroidFREAK211217d ago

I see how it fairs after launch...

Darkfist1217d ago

i just want another war/fall of cybertron