TPCG preview: Crysis Warhead

There's nothing worse than sticking a game in your PC only for it to render to your 2ms uber-gaming monitor in a fashion not entirely unlike a flick-book of a cock and balls in varying states of arousal. This is the problem that Crysis presented on its release in November 2007 and amazingly it's a problem it still present today. TPCG have gone through one and a half graphics generations and yet it's still too much for even the beefiest of gaming rigs.

While Crytek clearly wanted Crysis to be the leader of the technology pack by a county mile or two, it caused as much harm as good by presenting a barrier to entry due to its frankly shocking requirements. If our government got a pound for every PC gamer who's 'holding off until technology catches up with the game' they could probably turn the National Health Service around and still have change to keep Northern Rock afloat for another couple of years. Until that happens – and it's only a matter of time - Crysis is no more a particularly harsh benchmark designed to remind us just how feeble our PCs are.

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