Wii gamers will soon get even more cartoon-like entertainment from Japanese manga publishers

Japanese Wii users must be thinking it's their week, after word first of the new-fangled Wiimote charger and now of a new way for them to get a hit of their favourite comics through the Great White Console.

Four major manga publishers there have teamed up with a games developer to create a new company called Librica that will deliver comics to the Wii via a special browser.

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Altered_Soul3765d ago

It may just be because I bought their box set collection recently, but why do I feel Nintendo is going through some bizzare Monty Python's Flying Circus routine with all these bizzaro, who-the-hell-cares-but-this-is -the-most-important-thing-for-t he-Wii announcements?

Why do I get the feeling Nintendo is the video games version of the ministry of silly walks?

Axelay3765d ago

They're just following the wind. It's not very different from the vod that sony and microsoft will deliver.
Why not there is a lot of people who are reading scan (i know they are free) on their pc, Ds should be a good alternative at a good price.

djt233765d ago

yea when is this coming here

chanmasta3765d ago

This looks quite interesting, the DS connectivity is a good idea. Hope it gets released globally!