Maddens Rex Dickson Revisits Last Years NFL 2K Exclusivity Comments

Madden 16 Creative Director Rex Dickson Revisits last years 2K Comments to bring it, Also he discuses NFL Exclusivity & Football Simulation.

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C-H-E-F2189d ago

He said Madden trails 2k still 2k came out in 2004 with 2k5 and you mean to tell me in 10 years you couldn't surpass your greatest rival while they've been "locked out"? lOl.

Also he says he'd love to have competition but they own the license. That's like me having a patent on the AIDS cure and not sharing the ingredients then saying i'd love for everyone to be able to have the ingredients to the cure.

javauns2188d ago

They don't want competition, because when hey bought the license for a long time. Look at nba live vs nab 2k. if thats any indication of whats to come, they are in for some serious trouble.

Cra2yey32188d ago

Exactly, madden will turn into a handicapped game like nba live.