Horizon Zero Dawn may well be the most pleasant surprise of E3 [RPG Site]

While perhaps overshadowed at Sony's E3 2015 press conference by showings from titles like Final Fantasy VII's remake, The Last Guardian, and Shenmue III, Guerilla Games' newly-announced big-budget action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn, is a damn fine contender for the best major title at E3 this year, writes RPG Site.

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yarbie10002157d ago

Was a great surprise. Looks like a lot of fun. By far the best new AAA exclusive that I saw from Sony. Come to think of it, I think it was the only one. Most anticipated title for me behind Uncharted 4

Abash2157d ago

When I first heard rumors about Horizon, I thought they were too good to be true. Then when I saw the trailer..... it was everything the leak promised it'd be and more.

Surprised a game as amazing as this is actually happening really

Nirvana315912157d ago

This E3 has been awesome for Sony fans. Just look at all the exclusives that were revealed

Star Ocean 5
Nier 2
World of Final Fantasy
The Last Guardian
Shenmue 3
FF7 Remake

freshslicepizza2157d ago

it's always cool to see well know developers do something different.

deadpoolio3162157d ago

Why wouldn't it? Sony has always been the publisher who actually encourages trying new and different things...They don't go about making games the MS way of only buy timed exclusivity or we only make Halo, Gears, Forza or Fable....

NewMonday2157d ago

GG's chance to hit the big time, the studio seems to have improved on their previous weakness in story an creative direction.

BitbyDeath2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Still feels (and looks) too good to be true imo.

This is the nextgen leap in gaming I have been waiting for since seeing the eight days trailer.

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MasterCornholio2157d ago

Well I The Kitchen turns out to be a real game than that might be another one to add to the list.

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Genuine-User2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

It wasn't the only surprise.

joab7772157d ago

Dreams will be huge too. But, yeah, can't wait for this, Guerilla can finally spread their wings.

There's Persona 5 coming, which will be big too. And the Nathan Drake Collection is great for all those who never got to experience it. Otherwisr, I'll be busy with multiplats anyway.

mav8052157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I'm not a GG fan, thought KZ was super boring and didn't finish it after picking up a launch day PS4.

That being said, I can't remember the last time I was so excited for a new IP. Even with the other potential goty contenders shown at E3, Horizon was easy game of the show for me.

OB1Biker2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

The only one new AAA exclusive you saw from Sony?
Thats misinformation or you didnt see much of E3
Dreams, Rigs and other games..
and also (yea its a new game)

Spotie2157d ago

You should think a little harder. Or just stop trolling. It was far from the only one.

... dunno how folks like you keep getting away with this stuff.

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MasterCornholio2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

It was quite nice.


Oh and for gods sake the main character isn't a dude. I'm getting sick of the morons claiming that.

OK now that I got that off my chest.

I can't wait to see more.

Captain_Wormy2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I thought we were going to be able to customize our own character. :/

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2157d ago

I was surprised they showed gameplay of it. Thought we would get nothing more than a trailer. And the game looks great in every aspect.

I was actually more surprised by For Honor though. It came completely out of nowhere and it looks great. I'm also surprised that few people are hyped about it. The gameplay is simple but still deep. And the armor looks cool, especially the samurai.

Gamble202157d ago

After the KZ2 debacle way back in the early years just before PS3, GG has been very consistent in focusing on actual gameplay rather than tech demos/cut scene trailers. It's a welcome change. Horizon looked incredible.

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