Final Fantasy VII Remake on Xbox One? It's more likely than you think

Gameskinny says, "Many of last night's announcements were accompanied by the words "Only on PlayStation," indicating their exclusivity to the brand.

Not Final Fantasy VII."

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Eonjay1305d ago

They were very honest about the fact that it is coming first to PS4. They didn't try to create the illusion that it was exclusive because it doesn't matter. This is something that PlayStation gamers really want. It will sell very well on PS4 and that is not contingent on it being exclusive.

Abash1305d ago

Honestly, I dont see it as worthwhile to even release the game on Xbox One since it'll be on PS4 first. PS4 is where the vast majority of Final Fantasy fans are (look at Type 0 HD's sales for instance) and it'll continue to be so even more going into the future.

If it does release on Xbox One some time later, I doubt there will be a big enough audience to warrant that version since the Final Fantasy fans are on PS4

LostDjinn1305d ago

Check the submitter.
Check the Xbox identity article on the frontpage of n4g to see who commented first in an attempt at damage control.
See the pattern?

OT: I'd like a simultaneous release with pc and cross-buy. I'm just being greedy though.

fanboysmackdown1305d ago

So you speak for all gamers hey? You speak like a true fanboy. Unlike you I'll have a choice to wait or play it first on PS4.

freshslicepizza1305d ago

ask yourself this, does it matter if it does come to the xbox one? if you plan on getting it on the ps4 it will be coming, that part we do know. so with that said how does it impact ps4 owners at all if it comes to the pc and xbox one and perhaps nintendo's new system? the answer is even more simple, it doesn't.

there is no confusion to ps4 owners, it's coming. the only confusion is why are so many sony fans hoping it doesn't come to the xbox one, that's the real question that many refuse to answer.

this rivalry between xbox and playstation fans is what's gotten out of control. they are the source of bad blood and it's really childish when you think about it. whether ffvii comes to the xbox one has no impact on the enjoyment who want it on the ps4. all it is is immature leverage between the two consoles because they are the most competitive with one another. ask ps4 fans if it matters if it comes to the pc and most will answer not really. ask them if it matters if it comes to the xbox one and all of the sudden we hear everything about how it won't sell well to it belongs on the playstation.

Ratty1305d ago

The majority of FF fans are likely on PS4 and PC but there's still enough of them to justify releasing it on the Xbox One.

Griever1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Personally, it does not matters to me if it does comes to Xbox One later. What will I gain by keeping the game limited to my platform of choice? it will most likely sell less than on PS4 but the more people get to play it the better. Moreover, at least nobody would hate on it just for being exclusive to PS4. I am just happy that I am finally getting the game that I wanted to play for years.

LostDjinn1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Sorry abash. I hit disagree by mistake so I bubbled you up. :) for you two below my first comment. Show me where I've lied. Anywhere? You know why you can't? It's because I hate BS. I won't do it and I don't accept it. If people don't do it they'll never have a problem with me.

I own every system except an xbone for this very reason. The BS involved with MS and their fanboys is unequalled. No BS, no problem. I'll pick one up the day after it stops or I'll wait till I'm sure It's just fanboy bs.

How long do you think I'll have to wait?

Edit: See below. You couldn't make this stuff up. *smfh*

donthate1305d ago

It would be funny if Square Enix released the ultimate ultimate remake edition on Xbox One later. Imagine the outrage!

But yeah, this game is coming to Xbox One, and doubt many Xbox gamer really care that much. FF is pretty much linked with Japanese consoles.

ChronoJoe1305d ago

Doesn't bother me either way. As others have said the majority that want the title are on PS4.

Besides, I think coming first to PS4 is a huge deal for fans of the series and fans of FFVII specifically. This is a game that fans have been waiting for for over 10 years, who would want to wait longer?

DragonKnight1305d ago

This article contains nothing. It says it's more likely than you think but does nothing to explain that position and even goes so far as to suggest that SE subliminally planted the idea that it is coming to the Xbox One via the quote provided...

"The reunion at hand may bring joy. It may bring fear. But let us embrace whatever it brings, for they are coming back. At last, the promise has been made."

reunion (riːˈjuːnjən)
1. the act or process of coming together again
2. the state or condition of having been brought together again
3. a gathering of relatives, friends, or former associates

Well since neither FFVII, nor any of its properties, has been on the Xbox platform, there would be no "reunion" on the Xbox. But what the provided quote is actually referencing is both in-game lore and the fact that we have been asking for an FFVII remake since the PS3 tech demo. It has literally nothing to do with Xbox at all.

Finally, I'll let Nomura speak for this himself.

First: "The PC port, honestly, wasn't really on my radar. I thought it was already on sale. Regardless, there's really no relation between the PC version and this remake. Why now? This week at E3 we announced several titles coming to the PS4: not only FFXV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and World of Final Fantasy, but [also] a new Star Ocean and more. Rather than announce the remake after those titles went on sale, we wanted to give gamers something that would make them happy -- open them up, perhaps, to buying into the PS4."

"perhaps, buying into the PS4"

that comes from this interview.

Next: "The slow uptake of new consoles in Japan seems to be a concern, and Square Enix is making a concerted effort to make sure the PlayStation 4 is more attractive to the audience in its home country. "There's more and more titles being introduced for the platform, and we're hoping that announcing the remake of Final Fantasy 7, it'll give a boost to people wanting to buy this current generation of console. If we announced the remake after all those titles have been sold, it wouldn't have created such an impact, so that's why we decided on this timing. We wanted to reassure players that PlayStation 4 is coming out with great titles including Final Fantasy 7. That's why we decided to announce the remake."

"Square Enix is making a concerted effort to make sure the Playstation 4 is more attractive..."

"We wanted to reassure players that PlayStation 4 is coming out with great titles including Final Fantasy 7. That's why we decided to announce the remake."

that comes from this interview.

Two separate interviews, and in both Nomura stresses that the FFVII remake is clearly designed to sell PS4s, to show that the PS4 has excellent games coming. Does that sound like they care about the Xbox One at all?

It'll definitely come to PC. The original game has a few different versions on PC already. But Xbox One? Don't count on it.

TomShoe1305d ago


PS4 - Definitely.

PC - Probably.

XBO - Doubtful.

JAMurida1305d ago

You can say the same about Tomb Raider going on Xbone first and then PS4 later. I am going to wait for the PS4 version, instead of running out to buy a Xbone just to play it first. I would do the same for FF7 going to PS4 first and then Xbone. If I only had a Xbone then I would wait, instead of running out to buy a PS4 to play it first.

Shadow Flare1305d ago

"Play it first on PlayStation 4" - means that game will at a later time become available to one or more systems other then PlayStation 4

Does this mean Xbone?

Well consider this. It's understood that Sony own the licensing rights to Final Fantasy VII. We can see evidence of this. Nothing related to Final Fantasy VII has ever made its way to a system directly competing to a Sony console.

Final Fantasy VII - PS1, PS Store, Pc, Steam
Dirge of Cerberus - PlayStation 2
Before Crisis - Mobile Phones
Crisis Core - PSP
Advent Children - Sony Pictures

Games that feature FF7 characters:
Ehrgeiz - PS1
Littlebigplanet 2 - PlayStation 3
Kingdom Hearts - PlayStation 2
Kingdom Hearts 2 - PlayStation 2
Kingdom Hearts HD remaster - PlayStation 3

Do you see a pattern? So why do people expect FF7 remake to come to xbone?

If the 360 which competed far better then xbone saw none of these games in retail or their store, and jrpgs fair incredibly badly on Xbox, in what world do you imagine square will make FF7 remake for xbone?


Deal with it

UltimateMaster1305d ago

Yeah, these days, most Japanese games are coming exclusive to the PS4.

PistolsAtDawn1305d ago

If Sony Agreed with this logic they wouldn't have even paid for Timed Exclusive rights...or if they did and still paid for it, that's even more troubling, plenty of better ways to use that money other than just marketting hype

Cupid_Viper_31305d ago

@ Nicksetzer1 submitter of the article.

You have got to take a break buddy. You left a very stupid post in another article crying of alledge hypocrisy, and here you are trying desperately to bask in the glory of remake/remaster.

XBox One gamers HATE remakes/remasters, so why would FFVII remake be on that console?

Besides Phil Spencer said it best; "we won't charge you for games you already own", so here's Gears of War Remastered. Not to mention that 6 months ago they released Halo MCC....

DevilOgreFish1305d ago

Abash -

"Honestly, I dont see it as worthwhile to even release the game on Xbox One since it'll be on PS4 first. PS4 is where the vast majority of Final Fantasy fans are (look at Type 0 HD's sales for instance) and it'll continue to be so even more going into the future. " a majority of players play first person shooters only on Xbox... but that doesn't mean PlayStation doesn't have a shooter fanbase.

Xbox has an RPG fanbase going back to mistwalker, and then square enix after.

Pogmathoin1305d ago

since the Final Fantasy fans are on PS4
Do you not consider that ignorant? I know many of you Sony fans consider yourseleves special breed, but I am believing that now, but not in the good way you think.... Grow up. And yes, you are all going crazy for a game that will be on X1, but you specials never cared about Shenmue when it was on Xbox.... Typical two face....

DragonKnight1305d ago

"And yes, you are all going crazy for a game that will be on X1."

Citation needed.

Paulino301305d ago

How do you know that? Just curious.

Pogmathoin1305d ago

Ah Dragon, how you doing? Sorted out your ISP yet? Go Acanac, get high speed, 25mb is good, pay for the unlmited, get voip phone, keep your number with it, buy an instabox mx4, kodi set up and you will be set, one bill only.... N4G is the just for laughs part :)

ThePresentIsAgift1305d ago

And you developed your business acumen from?

The home of Final Fantasy?

Lets pretend then that the first six games were not on Nintendo systems.

Guess what, Resident Evil Code Veronica came to Dreamcast first and the RE redux and 0 were on the Gamecube. House of the dead, Sonic etc etc I guess none of those should have sought wider audiences either.

More gamers should be penalised for not all owning one system, what a grand idea.

Shadow Flare1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I tried researching this matter and this is what I found. It's very difficult to find anything official however.

Sony own the console publishing rights to Final Fantasy VII in the PAL,NA regions. Square own the console publishing rights in Japan.

So in the PAL, NA regions Square was effectively a 2nd party developer. The same as how insomniac was with Sony.

Therefore Sony does have console publishing rights to Final Fantasy VII, which makes it extremely unlikely it will appear on xbone. Square could make Final Fantasy VII remake for xbone in Japan. And that's not gonna happen.

Final Fantasy VII has never appeared on the xbox live store. I wonder why.

It's not coming to xbone

EDKICK1305d ago

I'm really glad people can say what games people play if they own a specific console like it's a fact, sales are one thing but saying because I own "X" console I play "X" games is ignorant and elitist. And to say oh they wouldn't even be interested in having the ability to buy said game is even more so.

ShinMaster1305d ago

When speaking to Square-Enix reps, they said PC.

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Volkama1305d ago

You are right, the quality and success of the PS4 version of the game isn't contingent on it being exclusive. That could be applied to every game though, not just Final Fantasy 7.

pivotplease1305d ago

Well occasionally quality is affected by exclusivity whether timed or otherwise and I think this is one of those times where the game will be hugely successful regardless of an impending X1 version. In other words, I think someone is very likely to buy a PS4 for this game because of the close link between PS and JRPGs whereas Tomb Raider is much less of a system seller and will likely sell more on PS4 and will not really sell many X1s. The ratio for sales for FF7 however will be very interesting. Maybe 5 to 1 or more?

Nirvana315911305d ago

The Shenmue reveal didn't say anything about exclusivity either yet it turned out to be a console exclusive. Just because it says "PS4 first" doesn't mean it's coming to Xbox later. If anything, it means a PC release which is more likely considering every SE JRPG released on Xbox consoles have sold poorly.

Bennibop1305d ago

Read the the shenmue 3 kick-start it's says ps4 and pc, they have added stretch goals but that does not include xbox. Sony are partially funding the project too

Eonjay1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )


Sony is not funding the project. The details of Sony's involvement have been made abundantly clear. Its PR and Promotional only.

Edit: Sony will also be paying to Port the title.

n4rc1305d ago


tried saying that.. boy oh boy did people not like that lol.. they like to try and read between the lines to see what they want to see..

nicksetzer11305d ago

If it didn't get kickstarted shemnue would not be a game coming at all, so of course they didn't call a game that might not have existed an exclusive....

SonofGod1305d ago

Yeah just like Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Professor_K1305d ago

It seems sony fanboys dont like facts eighther

Aloren1305d ago

Well, things are not that simple. Taken directly from the kickstarter page :

"Will there be an Xbox/Wii U/Linux/Mac version for Shenmue 3?
Currently we are planning development only for PC (Windows) and PS4. Other platforms have not been decided yet."

Not decided doesn't mean no.

As for FF...

Quick translation :
PS4 Fr "We can't get enough of that trailer of FFVII, which was announced at E3 and that is coming to PS4"

Xbox Fr "the trailer is beautiful. It had to be." with a "soon on xbox" hashtag and a wink emoticon.

PS4 Fr didn't reply (and the tweet was mentioned on french websites so it's not like they were not aware of it...)

You might not trust the official french twitter account of xbox, but it's still a better source of information that the personal feeling of random dudes on N4g (no offense intended).

And really, be honest, do you really and honestly think, that Sony wouldn't have said "PS4 will be the only console blabla..." if they could ? They just said "first on ps4" for a reason, and that reason is most likely not just a delayed PC only version, but also an xbox version (especially since FFXIII sold quite well on 360...)

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NukaCola1305d ago

Worlds of Final Fantasy said first on PS4/Vita but they explained it is exclusively for PS systems. This may come to X1 but I doubt it matters for sales anyway. The more who get to play VII, the better.

I hope they do some cool throwback moment where you play the PS1 version like MGS4 and Wolfenstein The Old Blood did.

nicksetzer11305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

So, what other PS system is it coming to then? If it is timed for a console, which console would that be? Because surely they would not delay a PS3 release to a point where PS3 is more irrelevant. Plus world of FF seems like an extremely minor game, where as FFVII remake will be a full fledged AAA game.

I don't see anywhere that world of FF is said to be a lifetime PS exclusive regardless. Crystal and square never said Tomb Raider is coming to PS consoles, but everyone assumes it is, so what makes this different?

I personally think both are sales dependent. Aka, if TR or FFVII sell _____ copies it will only come to PC and no competing platform. That said, if not sales dependent, I would assume both are equally plausible to come out on competing platforms.

NukaCola1305d ago

Interview with Shuhei sais PS4 and Vita exclusive. But no one ever says "lifetime"

bjmartynhak1305d ago

Something we didn't see with Tomb Raider

deadpoolio3161305d ago

There is a major difference with Tomb Raider...The game is practically done, and MS felt the need to swoop in and get a timed exclusivity deal...Whereas Sony generally makes their deals before the game even gets announced, not 3/4 of the way through development....

Tomb Raider is also going to get crushed and forgotten, SE was stupid to make the deal and even stupider to release it around the same time as Halo, Forza, Fallout, COD...There are so many games already coming out around that time nobody will remember Tomb Raider until the articles start about how SE and CD are disappointed in its sales

nicksetzer11305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

@deadpool you guys are so sad, you create stories based on absolutely nothing to paint the picture you want to be true. The reality is that Square was disappointed with the sales of the original and just a heads up, games that don't profit, don't generally get sequels...

MS lowered their risk, and they felt more comfortable making the game. The fact you have to make up stories to make yourself feel better about being a hypocrite is just sad.

You have to favricate stories so that when you praise on publisher for the same thing you belittle another for you can have a reason, no matter how invalid or untrue. Even to the point you are praying and hoping for the game to fail because they didn't choose the piece of plastic you prefer. Just sad.

Spotie1305d ago

"you create stories based on absolutely nothing to paint the picture you want to be true."

You mean like you painting the picture that Sony fans were praising the TV announcements? Or that said TV announcements were on the same level as a console reveal full of them?

bjmartynhak1303d ago

Just to be clear, I meant that the exclusivity was much more clear on the FFVII remake side compared to Tomb Raider

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Bigpappy1305d ago

You would think that it wouldn't be contingent on being exclusive. But I think if you look at previous articles on this topic, you would that clearly many PS4 owner still are hoping and some convinced that this game is a Sony console exclusive. Final Fantasy originated on NES.

I played FFVii on PC did not complete it. Not looking forward to laying it again. It was my last turn-based RPG after . The Y's series to X1 would be the JRPG series for me or Zelda (never happening).

Magicite1305d ago

X1 is a no place for JRPGs.

Zepherite1305d ago

As a gamer who enjoys many different genres, I would love to see more JRPGs on XBox.

There is no logical reason why a JRPG shouldn't be on Xbox.

The only reason they aren't more often is we keep being told there is a smaller audience but that's a business reason.

Remember though: There was a 'small' audience for JRPGs in the west in general before the original Final Fantasy VII. All it could take is the right JRPG to spark more interest.

PistolsAtDawn1305d ago

So....does this mean that PS4 is no place for Western titles like COD? Or is this just a fanboy POV? Is it cause you don't want it to be true? Why are you opposed to X1 branching out? Do you hate progress? ..or is it all about the label?

joab7771305d ago

True. And if a drop of money is provided by Sony, it won't happen. That said, though I love my PS4, I hope eventually ot does, so everyone can experience it.

Who knows, maybe Sony is waiting and of they see the opportunity for it to be an actual system seller for those who havnt played it, they will try and grab it. But as you said, it's so much a part of Playstation history anyway, and some type of exclusivity is bound to happen, timed or content related.

OB1Biker1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Is this even worth an article? everyone saw and heard him say 'Play it first on PlayStation 4'
Nobody said it would be console exclusive

JWiLL5521305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Make no mistake, Nicksetzer1 may come off as level headed and well written, but 90% of his posts seem to be in console vs console articles.

He's usually quite passive in his pro-MS stance, but it's still there every time.

I'll personally never understand why people spend so much time worrying about this stuff.

TrollHard4Life1305d ago

That's because Sony doesn't really try to create illusions like Microsoft does with timed exclusives. That's why they are ahead, They are honest to the gamer.

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DigitalRaptor1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

We'll see.

1) "First on PlayStation" - that's a very different phrase to Sony's usual "Console Debut".

2) Final Fantasy VII (the original) has never been on an Xbox platform, and never will. The most that non-PS4 gamers can hope for is a PC port. Sony holds the publishing rights on consoles. It's the same reason why you're not going to see Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster on any other console other than PlayStation.

3) Notice the direction Square Enix is going when it comes to Japanese games on PS4. This E3 made it incredibly clear. Sony and Square Enix have very similar priorities when it comes to Japanese games, and are teaming up and going strong in reviving the JRPG genre in a big way. They're going for PS4 exclusives. Lots of them. Expect more.

Additionally, the reveal trailer has almost 9 MILLION views on YouTube.

That is unbelievable. Anybody can downplay this as a THEORETICAL timed-exclusive that will be available on Xbox, the fact that this game has a period of exclusivity (whatever it ends up being) is going to be absolutely GARGANTUAN for PS4.

Majin-vegeta1305d ago

Might I add there's still time till it releases and anything can change from now till then like completely becoming PS4 exclusive ;).

Ravenheartzero1305d ago

Aye. But let's be honest even if they released at the same time it's still the ps4 version which would sell through the roof :) can't wait to see some footage!

morganfell1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I would guess that negotiations are still underway concerning any other platform. I do not think any side went final until they had a chance to gauge the public's reaction. These deals are not signed in a secret closet. Square will try to maximize profits by playing Sony and MS against one another. MS will have to pony more money due to the PS4 install base. But it is coming to PS4 first so that is a lock. MS may not think it worth their time and money after that. Once final offers are in we should know the lay. Possibly by TGS.

MasterCornholio1305d ago

The only thing that's confirmed is first on PlayStation. Which probably means that Sony has some sort of deal with Square.

freshslicepizza1305d ago

"I would guess that negotiations are still underway concerning any other platform. I do not think any side went final until they had a chance to gauge the public's reaction. These deals are not signed in a secret closet. Square will try to maximize profits by playing Sony and MS against one another. MS will have to pony more money due to the PS4 install base. But it is coming to PS4 first so that is a lock. MS may not think it worth their time and money after that. Once final offers are in we should know the lay. Possibly by TGS."

your views are really out of whack. you are making it sound like microsoft has to pay to get the game while ignoring it is sony who is getting the game first. since when did microsoft pay to get a game later on? if anything sony is the one who is trying to make the console exclusive deal locked forever.

it's already confirmed the ps4 will get it first so this notion microsoft might pay is just made up by you. why i have no idea but my guess is because you don't want to portray sony as having to pay for exclusive deals and would rather think microsoft is the only one's who do these things.

morganfell1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Well saltybread, you are just being naive. You do not think money was offered for total exclusivity by Sony, not just timed, and that Square looking at it from a business point of view offered MS a chance to counter said exclusivity? We do not know if MS is getting this at all. That is the money angle.

Never go into business because you obviously think things happen for free and people do not negotiate for anything. You would be out of business in a month.

triple_c1305d ago

I think it'l come to the Xbox but I don't think it'd be worth it to bring this game to the Xbox. Most Xbox fans don't tend to like these types of games and they tend to sell like crap on the Xbox most of the time. Let's be honest, we all know that the Xbox crowd doesn't like to play games that don't have guns in them...

smalltowngamer5031305d ago

triplec - 1h ago
"I think it'l come to the Xbox but I don't think it'd be worth it to bring this game to the Xbox. Most Xbox fans don't tend to like these types of games and they tend to sell like crap on the Xbox most of the time. Let's be honest, we all know that the Xbox crowd doesn't like to play games that don't have guns in them..."

Holy crap! How do I unlock the guns in Forza 5 and Horizon 2? Xbox Fitness? I'm dying to try them out. Sounds wicked

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MasterCornholio1305d ago

I guess they couldnt use debut because the original came out on PS1 and PC.

Thats why im guessing they used "Play it first on playstation".

Spotie1305d ago

That was the original, this is not.

Aloren1305d ago

So you're saying they couldn't use "debut" cause the original exists, but they can use "first" ? That doesn't make sense.

There's a much simpler explaination : the reason why they said first is because there's gonna be a second and/or a third; and the reason why they didn't use console debut is because they say that when the game already exists on PC or arcade (or will get a simultaneous release on PC).

MartinB1051305d ago

The difference between "First on PlayStation" and "Console Debut" is the latter can mean simultaneous PC release, whilst the former means it will be on PS4 before everything else.

_-EDMIX-_1305d ago

Agreed. I don't really get the whole idea of it likely coming to XONE when FFVII has never been ported to any XB. When at E3, Square announced 3 damn PS exclusives lol. Final Fantasy World, Nier PS4, FFVII etc So if its timed, its likely only timed to PC.

I don't feel Sony has to pay them much to not make a XONE version as like many have been citing, look at Type 0's sales, look at the games they announced as exclusive to PS, hell look at the JRPGs only coming to PS systems and not XB, I don't think Sony is just paying all Japanese developers to avoid XONE, its merely based on XONE's sales in Japan or XONE's install base lack of sale of certain titles.

We've seen this before by developers, Capcom, Konami, Namco etc. They release a few XB or 360 games...sales get really low and never again.

Got 1 Onimusha on XB, then all on PS, got Tales Of Vesperia on 360...sold poorly like 4x under the PS3 port poorly, then never again.

This may not just be due to some timed deal, they might have NEVER had plans for a XONE version to begin with. If anything the FIRST on PS is likely due to Sony wanting the PS4 version announced and known of before the PC version.

To say it must mean its an XONE version is a bit strange as that doesn't really directly prove a XONE version as it questions why are their no FF ports on 360 besides FFXI? Why isn't FFVII HD the steam version coming to XONE?

The author doesn't seem to have an answer for the likely economic reason on why a FFVII XONE version likely won't happen. I must cover all fronts to figure out why it would only be on a certain system, it can't just be Sony money hatting all Japanese games, a game selling 160k on 360, then going on to PS3 to sell 450k was reason enough for a publisher to never make a 360 version, thus to also never make a XONE version.

How do we know that the poor sales from many Square JRPG titles on 360 didn't lead to them not making certain titles for XONE? I mean...they have 3 JRPG games they just announced, all not coming to XONE. FFXIV didn't go to XONE and FFXI did go to 360, so....its starting to merely sound like Square isn't wasting money on a system that isn't producing numbers enough to cover the port and development.

Namco had 20 plus MORE games released on PS3 then on 360, Square had almost 30 more games released on PS3, then on 360. merely means that some titles will never get ported over, Square just like Sega, Capcom, Konami, Namco etc will factually not make the same number of games on XB as they will on PS. That has just been proven over and over again.

If we want to use any amount of logic on speculating where the game might get ported to, lets start by looking at the past, historically where has many of this publishers titles been ported to?

Statistically, where are they likely to go?

1305d ago
_-EDMIX-_1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

@Tim- "Shenmue has never been ported to any PS, yet its coming to one"

True, that doesn't really have to do with much if you consider what I just stated regarding economics and gaming.

Shenmue II is only on XB based on Peter Moore making a deal to bring over many Dreamcast games to win favor with Microsoft to hire him, following Dreamcast death, Moore was then working under Microsoft. That wasn't an internal Sega thing, it sold poorly and the deal has nothing to actually do with any Japanese game carrying favor with MS as much as it does Moore himself. Though it sounds like it makes sense, one must factory in quite a lot to get that it doesn't really work that way.

Was FFXI not on 360? Didn't it not skip the PS3? Yet...FFXIV isn't on XONE. It has to do with sales. Though a game can appear on a system, it clearly needs to have a history of selling and the system must be selling for that to happen. PS3 at the time wasn't, thus FFXI only got a 360 release despite being on the PS2.

"Most FFs were last generation..." yet most were also ported to PS3 and Steam and not 360 or XB.

It sounds like its due to its low sales in Japan and clearly its low sales of Japanese games in the west.

Type Zero did 1k in Japan on XONE, yet did 92k on PS4. They won't just keep making games on a system that isn't selling just becasue the last was on there...I mean we must at least get that much lol.

Mind you, Yakuza isn't on XB or 360, a lot of JRPG or very Japanese games in general are not on 360, so never mind what was on XB for 1 time, on a game that sold poorly, that stemmed from a business deal to get a job at MS. That doesn't really lead me to believe Shenmue 3 will be on XONE as those same circumstances don't really apply. I didn't see it on XONE based on how Sega makes games in Japan, hell even the PS crowd in Japan doens't get Sega titles that are on PS systems in Japan, what would make you think that Sega would put Shenmue 3 on XONE when they won't even bring certain games to the west that do WELL in Japan?

But...bring it on XONE where the system doesn't even sell in Japan, but bring it to the west on XONE to a crowd that doesn't buy Japanese games in huge numbers? That sounds a bit much, again...consider Sega doesn't even bring certain titles to the west that are already on PS in Japan, good luck with them ok'ing a port to another system like the XONE.

Mind you...that is just from the stand point of if JUST Sega was funding it...

Its likely never coming to XONE as I'm extremely doubtful it was ever coming to XONE even if Sony wasn't funding it. Consider again PS gamers are waiting for Sega to bring over several Yakuza titles.

There is a greater chance of FFVII remake coming to XONE, then Shenmue 3 coming to XONE, with or without Sony's funding deal lol.

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Don't be stupid, if FF7 was console exclusive Sony would make sure everyone knows it