Reggie believes “there’s a strong opportunity for a dedicated amiibo-centric game”

Even though Nintendo is now in the toys-to-life business, the company has yet to come up with a game that truly takes advantage of amiibo. There’s nothing really out there right now from the Big N like Skylanders or Disney Infinity. As for what the future holds, perhaps Nintendo will explore a dedicated amiibo game in the future.

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greenmiker1213d ago

Reggie is a very optimist man...

superchiller1213d ago

Why is Nintendo so obsessed with gimmicks? Instead of focusing on solid gaming hardware and new games, they're wasting time and effort on forcing people to buy cheap toys in order to play their games.

Sad how a once powerful and respected company in the gaming industry has degenerated into a shell of its former greatness.

marloc_x1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

That image suits you :)

Moneyhatting exclusive Infinity bundles must be COMPLETELY different..

..right schiller?

ChickeyCantor1213d ago

"on forcing people"

welp, can't fight their wallet magnet!


BlackIceJoe1213d ago

I could see Amiibo being a cool top down RPG game. Seeing Link, Isaac, Samus & Ness working together would be cool. It would be like Super Smash, but a RPG instead.