QorC Pub News #9 Pt.2 - E3 2015 special

The QorC team continues its assessment of the E3 2015 press conferences. They pick up with a high-energy Ubisoft and head on through to a jubilant Sony, an apologetic Nintendo and an RPG-heavy Square Enix.

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Kipster1267d ago

I thought Sony might struggle to play catch up after Microsoft's announcement of backwards compatibility (who saw that coming??), but they totally nailed it. Last Guardian, Shenmue 3, FF VII remake....the only way they'll top it next year if they announce they have exclusive rights to Half Life 3, and it's a PS Plus title.

HereThereBeGamers1267d ago

I wasn't sure The Last Guardian looked all that much though - reserving judgement until I play it. Might make up for the TLG wait if that's the PS+ game, but Half-Life 3 would be nice :)