Devil's Third's Itagaki Tells Fans To Calm Down Post E3, He 'Will Do It'

The developer has broken his silence after his game was a complete no-show at this year's E3.

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Concertoine1268d ago

There's no reason to not support this game. I am fastly getting sick of Nintendo's decision making. To delay this game to pad out the library or to not bring it at all would be so damn stupid.

Big_Game_Hunters1268d ago

Nintendo has been doing some really stupid things lately, but i don't think they are THAT dumb. After all they showed Neo fast racing in the tree house and FF5. I think Dthird is going to get a dedicated direct soon.

Thats still not a good reason for it to skip E3, but at least it would be a reason. I'm not going to underestimate Nintendo's ability to disappoint though.

freshslicepizza1268d ago

satoru iwata is now the ceo of america which goes to show his lack of interest in the american market.

-Foxtrot1268d ago

Can't believe they didn't show it. They wonder why third party devs don't touch them. It's not just about how powerful your tec is it's the way they treat people outside of their company.

reaper241268d ago

Itagaki is one of my favorite devs, as you can see by my profile pic. But I can't justify buying a Wii U just for the game, especially after seeing Nintendo's plans for the future.. or their lack thereof.

donthate1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Huge fellow Ninja Gaiden fan here as well. Love to see what Itagaki-san has in store, but he chose the Wii U!

What Nintendo has shown so far is not my cup of tea. Why is the Wii U still priced that high?

Hoping for a remake of Ninja Gaiden 2 on Xbox One! Heck just give me backwards compatibility with improved performance and I will be dang happy.

AKR1268d ago

They had some pretty good ad-campaigns for Bayonetta 2, including a Direct. W101 also got a Direct. It's weird that it wasn't mentioned, but that doesn't mean it won't get its own ND in the near future.

pcz1268d ago

you are right, nintendo are very selfish, they only care about promoting their own games, and any games they have a hand in. they are so arrogant they dont seem to realise promoting other companies games will be helping them too.

thei e3 would have been so much better if they included 3rd party games... it would have at least beefed up the presentation.

instead the only thing worth talking about was a starfox game that looked like it was produced on a gamecube dev kit. zero is a fitting title for how much interest i have in it after seeing it

roboshort1268d ago

You do know that Nintendo had a hand in Devil's Third including development, right? I hope NOA has learned from its many stupid mistakes during the Wii and doesn't not publish this game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1268d ago

At this point, I'm expecting a full Direct for the game, alongside a U.S. release date for the near future.

Brunire1268d ago

Anything but would be a colossal fail at this point.

leemass241268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

so were just forgetting about the footage and stuff itagaki spoke about like 5 days BEFORE e3 and also their release dates for japan and europe, you people need to chill there will most likely be a direct in july. why would they show a 2 min trailer and maybe 20mins of footage at the treehouse, when they could do a 30-40 minute direct dedicated to detailing and showing off multiple online modes and show more of the story and generate more hype for the game closer to its release. and if there is problems with a us version they can also explain it in detail with a direct aswell.

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The story is too old to be commented.