Fallout 4's detailed E3 showing leaves rivals looking meagre [RPG Site / E3]

RPG Site writes: So, sure - Fallout 4 looks pretty damn good. Who would've guessed? The real shocker, though, is the confidence and breadth with which Bethesda chose to present it - something that, honestly, makes other companies look a little silly.

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bnoyes2153d ago

Meagre? What's a meagre?

gosukyomomma2153d ago

It means small unless youre being sarcastic i can never bloody tell on this site lol

thekhurg2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

What a joke article. People can pump up Fallout all they want or whatever other RPG is their favorite. But stuff like this is nonsense.

Nothing in the Fallout 4 reveal showed anything to rival Witcher 3 in what is most important about a RPG.

The immersion, quests and story.

Now, I'm fully aware that journalists and gamers around the world take the bait from Bethesda, hook line and sinker each time they go on and on about the billions of unimportant things that you can do in their games.

But truth be told, their games are incredibly large and rather lifeless worlds. Could Fallout 4 be different? Absolutely. But nothing in their reveal says as much.

One of the key points of Todd's speech was when he said they were still focusing on doing anything you wanted. That makes me think level scaling is still in their gameplay portfolio. That sucks all immersion right out of any open world RPG. You've been in a vault for 200 years, you mean to tell me nothing on the surface has gotten strong over that time?

They also did not address anything quest related in regards to their long history of pounding the gamer with hundreds of fetch quests with nearly zero content in them. CD Projekt Red proved that you can fill a game with compelling main quests AND side quests.

So yeah, lets hold off on crowning Fallout 4 with the best thing ever made until it actually gets in the hands of gamers and they experience this style of game now that CDPR has shown how much better an open world experience can be.

Omnisonne2153d ago


I agree the article is abit exaggerated perhaps. Though where they lift the game up based on just one trailer, you're downplaying it based on the same information. Which is kind of the opposite, but not entirely fair either no?

The F4 presentation did show some really cool (new) things, from the character creation sculpting to custom house/base building. Todd mentioned more features will be shown down the road, so I think people have every reason to be excited.

Wether the game falls into your taste or not remains to be seen. Come to think of it, The Witcher 3 (although I'm in love with it) had a similar reception before its release

Palitera2153d ago

Something tells mr that thekhurg didn't play previous Fallout games...

For instance, he would know that several nuclear holocausts happened after the vaults were sealed. And that tech evolved, culture not so much. And that some side quests take you to very unique places and settings. Just as examples.

bnoyes2152d ago

Who knows what I meant when I posted this. I was pretty into my cups last night and must have posted it before I went to bed. I'm not even sure if I was being serious, but either way, I'm glad I passed out before doing much more damage.

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joab7772153d ago

It's an understatement to say how great the new crafting system will be. Yeah, fallout, Skyrim and even TW3 have a ton of loot, but alot of it is useless. I guess TW3 has alot of useful stuff, and you learn to take or leave what you want.

But this is on a whole not her level. Again TW3 allows selling of mats, as he it wouldn't make sense for him to break down mats and create items. He isn't a blacksmith. Bit in Fallout, you have to learn to survive. And now we can break everything down, and create exactly what we want. It will work well to, b/c I imagine the absurd leveling system of enemies is back leaving character leveling a moot point. What weapon you use and craft is more of a role playing decision than a tactical one.

And settlements are very cool. I liked having a house, but why wouldn't you start to make your mark? If only enemies didn't level with you lol!

camel_toad2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Yeh I thought the same thing about the new crafting/loot system. All that crap in fallout thats only good for bloating inventory and selling now has a functional purpose. And the settlements? Whaaaaat? Gonna be great.

Father__Merrin2153d ago

I hope this destroys witcher 3

rextraordinaire2153d ago

While I love Fallout, I have a feeling tgat Horizon will take the spot as next year's best open world RPG...

2153d ago
AP2153d ago

I imagine it will take the spot as NEXT YEAR'S best open world RPG, since Fallout is this year ;)

medman2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I'll be honest, I'm a big Fallout fan. But I watched the conferences and Horizon Zero Dawn was by far my fav of the entire show. Now will it be as deep in progression and world detail as Fallout? Doubtful. But it doesn't have to be. The premise, the world, the main character, the lore....all stunning, almost beyond belief. It was definitely the game that shocked me the most.